Tyler Candle Company Auto Glam & Wax Melt Review

I just want to start by saying the Fleur de Lis fragrance is EVERYTHING!

I just so happened to run into my local ACE Hardware store during my lunch break when I noticed this fragrance shelf near the counter completely dedicated to Tyler Candle Company. I popped open the lids to these candles; and while I liked some of the scents, I wasn’t overly impressed at first. I saw that the car fresheners and wax melts weren’t overly expensive, so I decided to test out this fragrance brand. When I tell you I couldn’t be more AMAZED, I’m being totally serious. The Fleur de Lis is pungent but not overwhelming and has feminine touch to make any woman swoon.

As soon as I put it in my car, I loved the scent. But, it wasn’t until I tested half of a wax melt in my office’s wax/ candle warmer did the real magic happen. I knew I would be off work soon, so I melted half of a single wax square only for a couple minutes before turning off my warmer to head home. When I walked into our cold office building the next morning, I instantly was awakened by the luscious aroma of this scent. Mind you, it didn’t even disperse throughout my office really well only the day before. As I continued through the building to my office upstairs, I realized that it had to be this wax. Everyone in the office noticed the lovely scent, but it wasn’t overwhelming to make anyone disgusted. I have noticed that the wax’s scent seems to fill our office more so when it’s been really cold out.

If you haven’t discovered this brand yet, you’ll be soon replacing your current fragrance brand with it soon after the first wiff. You can visit their site to view all of their amazing fragrant products. There are so many to choose from. Next time, I know I’ve got to buy more of my current Fleur de Lis scent and Diva too!

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