Things To Consider When Travelling With Queen Feet

Are you a travel junkie? I totally think I’ve been bitten by the travel bug. I’m always looking for my next adventure. Whether I’m traveling domestically or abroad, I have to plan ahead beyond the usual travel topics. That’s right, beyond considering the language, culture, or women safety, etc. of an area; I have to consider another interesting yet impactful travel topic for a Specialty Shoe Lover, my feet. I know, it might seem super strange to plan your travel alongside your footwear, but unfortunately, this is my reality. Here are the top 6 footwear travel aspects that I consider when planning a trip:

  1. Wardrobe

Every time I plan a trip, I would completely be remiss (or foolish) not to consider my color scheme in order to coordinate well with my shoes. Every inch of space matters when you pack Queen Feet shoes, so you have to dress from the ground up.  If I just HAVE to wear my red Italian gladiator sandals to a beach town, best believe that a lot of my clothes or accessories will have hints of red in them.

  1. Packing

It’s always quite the experience trying to assemble all your clothes, hair tools, etc. along with your shoes. After lots of trial and error, you learn how to quickly arrange then rearrange your shoes in the perfect forms to be able to actually zip your suitcase.

  1. Activities

The best part of travelling is the sight-seeing and excursions. From these, you form lasting memories. Unfortunately, SSLs, our memories could be limited to the availability of footwear fit for the activity. Have you ever wanted the perfect pair skating, hiking, riding, aquatic, etc. footwear during a spur-of-the-moment experience but couldn’t find your size on the spot? Yeah, we’ve all been there.

  1. Environment

Let’s say you’re going to be spending time in a tropical environment during RAIN SEASON or climbing a mountain with super rough terrain during a SNOW STORM. You see the problem. In both scenarios, you’d require (or strongly prefer) footwear most suitable for the extreme weather conditions. I hope in these you’d be scouting out the perfect-fitting boots to tackle those slippery or dangerous slopes.

  1. Foot/ Footwear Care

Here’s some questions that I consider when traveling with travel/ activity- specific footwear: How can I make these shoes last throughout my trip? If I’m wearing open-toe shoes, am I likely to need extra pedicure tools or bandages in case of an accident? If I wear closed toe shoes, will my feet hurt? Do I need to pack some preventive footwear pain products?

  1. Backup Plan

You can’t pack so many shoes while traveling, so you have to select the best shoes to withstand the challenge of lasting throughout your trip. For larger feet, there’s never enough space to pack all of your footwear. I mean, you could always pay for an extra checked bag, even still, that’s inconvenient. I think it’s a good idea to preplan for a possible footwear mishap and do some online/ cold-calling research to determine which footwear retailers/ brands you could find nearest the City that you’re headed.

What are some Queen Feet footwear travel tips that you all have learned help when planning to travel? Let us know below.

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