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If you love good shoes, then you know that they aren’t cheap. Let’s say you don’t have a lot of money or time to buy new shoes as often as you would like—How would you give your shoes a little pizzazz? IMAGINATION, of course. And your creative thinking could just lead you to the transformational power of accessories and DIY crafting. Wanna learn more? Keep reading for ideas and footwear styling inspo. featuring some of my favorite shoe lovers.

DIY Crafting

If you love arts and crafts or just saving some extra money while adding an additional level of FLY to your shoe game, you could try to embellish your shoes with embellishments like studs or fabric paint. Below are some example of each by a local artist and shoe lover.

My fellow SSL, Shariah Ahmed, has published a video tutorial on how she DIY-ed her boots to recreate her own version of an Alexander Wang Classic. See here method step by step below.

Krystal Gem is a City of Jackson local musician and visual artist. Here are some shoes that she was commissioned to makeover with her own custom painting technique.


When I was planning to visit Cape Town (see my trip here), I was in a bit of a frenzy trying to figure out what I was going to wear. As I planned to visit Robben’s Island, I wanted my look to be very reflective of Mandela journey there. It came to my mind the concept of him being bound. That thought led me to convert and old necklace into a ankle bracelet, which I wore for my look on one night in the city. My new bracelet definitely added some extra edge and flare to an otherwise simple look. Plus, it was a cheap(FREE) fix to shake up my look.

By the way, if you’re interested in these slide sandals (pictured above), they are the ‘Beth’ sandal by Munro. I’m wearing a size U.S. 11 in the width Super Slim.

Interior designer and shoe lover Sarah Ciesla shows us how she took some some tassels to add some drama to her gingham print shoes.

In conclusion, Folks you have the power to change your footwear looks or general style by just shifting your attitude. I guarantee that if you commit to opening your imagination and thinking outside the normal way a piece functions, you’ll be able to create your own works of art.

Featured cover photo of Dahlia Selva shoes was sourced from Footwear News.

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