The SSL 2019 Met Gala Shoe Roundup

While this year’s highly anticipated Met Gala was missing the presence of some mega stars like Beyonce, Ariana Grande, T-Swift, and Rhianna, our fashion-centered eyes were still still able to feast off a handful of celebs who brought the WOW factor in the shoe department. I was disappointed that so many celebs chose super simple (BORING) single strapped sandal stilettos to this event. I’m always expecting more in the shoe department. However, this year, we saw ostentations, gaudy costumes take center stage on yesterday.

Nevertheless, I wanted to share with you the women’s footwear trends that I noticed along with my favorite footwear picks from the evening.

Platform Roll Call

Now, there was a rumor going around about a year or so ago that basically predicted that platforms were going extinct. I’m so glad to see that myth busted because I love the extra height and stability of a good platform. Here are some platformed styles that celebs rocked:


Ah, style and comfort  is always the goal, and new momma Serena Williams, accomplished that in her neon sneaks from a Nike X Off White collab.

Glamour Appears In the Soles

From fairytale shoes to dreamy footwear accessories, I was pleased to see these feminine designs on hand.

If you can, Swipe to the left to see Thalia’s star heels by Giuseppe Zanotti.

Celeb Accessory Bootcamp

Naomi Campbell is actually in a laced tight situation, but I thought, “Oh, how fun would these be as boots?”.

So, with all these show-stopping looks, who actually came out on top at this year’s Met Gala? I’ll tell you who. The clear winner here is Kacey Musgraves because she got to get the most out of her look and dime with her ALDO heels.

Shoe Lovers, I hope you all enjoyed this 2019 Met Gala round up. See you next year!

Featured Image // Footwear News

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