That’s So Millennial: I Tried Warby Parker Glasses

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In the end, it all comes down to the money, honey!

Financial anxiety for me is real folks. I hate spending a lot of money on supposed necessities that are way too overpriced. Prescription eye products are one of those things. And of course, life happens, so you don’t realize how much things are until they become dire. After waiting over a year for my routine eye exam, I could no longer put off a trip the optometrist. My eyes were straining and obviously painstakingly irritated by my old prescription. This in turn led to my latest adventure, experiencing Warby Parker for the first time.

Why Warby Parker?

In an era where virtually everything is digitized, it’s a wonder if there’s anything unaccessible online. Within the last two weeks I was reminded of how expensive prescription glasses cost, especially since my health insurance does not cover vision care. So after switching optometrists, paying egregious amounts for a routine exam and prescriptions for both glasses and contacts, I was looking to cut the cost of my glasses quickly.

After visiting my new optometrist, I realized that that $130+ for a single vision pair was way too much money when you consider my near $200 bill for glasses and contact prescriptions. I mean, I still had to pay for my actual contacts ($160 for 4 boxes) because, of course, I need the flexibility. Then, I considered keeping my old frames and replacing the lenses. I soon discovered that replacing the lenses in my old frames would cost $95. At that price, I might as well get new frames. At this point, you could picture me throwing a huge pile of cash out of the window, and it made me sick. Why in the world is everything so EXPENSIVE?! “Why can’t I have cute, contemporary glasses at an affordable price?,” I wondered.

So after sifting through other local eyewear companies’ ads, I remembered the Warby Parker ads I’d seen in the past. It just so happened that I met another fellow millennial woman while out to dinner who’d ordered from WP, and her experience (and her super cute frames) was enough to give me that extra push to try ’em out. Plus, that $95 price tag for a single pair seemed pretty attractive too since my alternative frames at the optometrist’s office was $45 bucks more. In the end, it all comes down to the money, honey!

The WP Process

The ‘Home Try-on’ process went fairly well. It took about four days to receive the 5 pairs that I’d selected via their site. After ultimately choosing one pair (‘Felix’), I sent them all back the very next day, ordered my frames, and uploaded my prescription. 6 or so days later, I received my frames of choice with my prescription filled.

I soon realized that I was going to need a professional adjustment for my frames, so I was ecstatic to read about WP’s reimbursement policy since I don’t live anywhere near one of their stores.

My Thoughts

It’s pretty simple, really. If you can bare to wait a little and like saving money, having lots of contemporary frame options, and the personalization of testing multiple frames at home, you’d like Warby Parker.  I’ve literally NEVER been this excited to purchase glasses.

I don’t know. From the packaging to the low risk buying terms, you can’t really lose. Plus, the little background story and giving resolution of the company is enough to make me feel that my purchase is more that a simple transaction. I kinda make a small difference while saving a little extra money.

Who knows? While I normally buy at least one frame per new prescription or eye exam, I may just purchase another pair this year because I’m kinda of anxious to try out some of their other frames.

Have you tried Warby Parker? If so, how was your experience?

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