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SSL Sole Spotlight| New Tall Fashion Brand TallHer Fashion Founder Tanni Scott Talks Her Queen Feet & Goddess Lengths

Most women that I’ve personally come across within the Queen Feet community are justifiably taller. From my experience, I’ve realized that in comparison, ladies like myself are an anomaly because I’m only 5’5″ with size 11 Queen Feet. I know, I can’t believe it myself sometimes. I even checked with a nurse while visiting my practitioner this week to see if I’d grown at all. Let’s just say, I’m still short, at least by U.S. American standards. The last I’ve heard, the average height of an American woman is 5’6″ today. My footwear size is somewhat disproportionate to my height. If I didn’t have deceive-ably long arms and legs, I’d be ABSOLUTELY miserable. In my mind, of course, I’m 6’7″. And for this post, I’m stepping into my alter-ego height to really be able to imagine the everyday occurrences of the tall and fabulous Queen Feet women around the world.

It’s absolutely amazing that the Queen Feet community of women is so diverse. It’s one thing for women, like myself, to only have to struggle to find properly fitting shoes. It’s a whole other ball game for others who also have to find stylish clothing long enough to cover their extra height or curves. And many Queen Feet women also have to deal with certain complications with living and thriving with additional height. Everyday travels, shopping, and casual conversation for taller women can bring about unwanted attention, discomfort, and endless tall stereotypes.

Tanni Scott, 30, of Dallas, TX understands the correlation of living life beyond average means. Tanni has got the perfect model height and matching size 13 Queen Feet. Recently, Scott founded her latest venture, TallHer Fashion, a retail fashion brand dedicated to catering to the tall woman’s “perfect fit” needs. I’m sure many tall women within and outside the Queen Feet community would definitely appreciate contemporary wardrobe pieces that are tailored to goddess lengths. TallHer will be officially launching later this year, just in time for the Fall season. I’m super excited to keep you all updated as the brand continues to grow and develop.

If you want to get a taste of Queen Feet life from the perspective of a taller woman, check out this exclusive video from TallHer’s Tanni Scott on living and loving her best life. In her video, she talks how society has perceived her abilities as very limited and also her own personal journey to self-acceptance. Thanks Tanni for opening up and sharing via the ‘SSL Sole Spotlight’ series!

If you’re a Queen Feet lady or just a taller woman looking for more clothing choices to accommodate your height, check out TallHer Fashion @tallher on Instagram to stay up-to-date on the brand and their big launch.

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