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I’m super excited to announce that today is the official (soft) launch day of a really cool Mexican-inspired artisanal brand, Chokolita Boutique. Chokolita was founded by a friend of mine, Patricia Bolian, who is honoring her Mexican heritage while supporting women with embroidery expertise in Mexico. The brand combines everything I love in my clothes: feminine flair through their hand embroidered designs with a touch of social sustainability. Oh yeah, did I mention that the boutique also features natural fabrics in its blouses for women and girls? Win, win, win! I’m a huge fan of natural fibers in my clothes as I am becoming more environmentally conscious of fashion’s impact on our environment. Really, what more can you ask for in your clothes?

A few months ago, I was honored to have been asked to help model their clothes alongside KK Buteau of KK Buteau Designs and the amazing photographer, Beth Cowan Morgan. It really was an absolute pleasure to work with these talented, hardworking ladies on this project. The results were these awesome product shots below.

Check out all the available products mentioned and more at

I’m so ready to cop my first Chokolita design because they’re fabulous DUH! And I need help selecting my first blouse. Which of the blouses pictured above do you love the most?

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