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Okay, so while I’ve noticed this trend for a while now, and I’m sorta kinda getting used to this much of a gag factor. Sneakers are becoming progressively more ugly by the season.  A a result, they’re starting to look more like footwear fit for astronauts and space cadets. Let me give you some quick context on my space shoe comparison with these new sneakers. So, I was on Instagram this past week when I saw a beautiful red Johanna Ortiz set styled with those hideous Louis Vuitton ‘Archlight’ sneakers. Here we have the gorgeous editorial photo completely jaded by the space shoes.

And while I love the esthetic of the Johanna Ortiz brand, this look rubbed me the wrong way.

Anyways, here are my top picks for this newer sneaker style trend that will definitely be the core inspiration for the next Disney Zenon trilogy film.

Balenciaga ‘Triple S’

Louis Vuitton ‘Archlight’

Okay, I admit that in the featured photo for this post, the sneaker doesn’t look that terrible styled on Doona Bae (pictured in the featured photo), so I guess I can start to see how people are kind of attracted to this look.

And of course, this shoe wasn’t dramatic enough with its original style. So, recently, the brand debuted its latest boot version at its South of France show.

Valentino ‘Garavani Odissey’

Valentino ‘Garvani Bounce’

Fendi Logo-jacquard stretch-knit mesh sneaker

Gordon Jack ‘Platform Sneakers”

Nike Air Maxes ’95/’98

So, Nike, like many other brands, are going through a vintage phase right now. They are revisiting older sneakers styles and giving them slightly a modern makeover.

Yeezy ‘Runners’ Season 5

Raf Simons x Adidas

The problem with these shoes is that they’re absolutely too bulky for the average size foot, let alone the Queen Feet community. Could you imagine how gaudy these would look on a U.S. size 11 or more?

To get some better insight on this trend, I reached out to a Vegas-based wardrobe stylist and auditor named Jada Willis. Her styling company is called Tailor St. Claire. Be sure to follow her on Instagram @tailorst.claire . Basically, she’s a style expert and has Queen Feet (U.S. 11), so I definitely wanted to get her expert opinion on this trend.

I sent her the original Johanna Ortiz IG post from before. Here’s what she had to say about this trend:

SSL: Okay, what do you actually think of this gaudy shoe-couture trend? Is it worth considering the hype?

JW: Because of what I do, it’s great to get the artsy inspiration from high fashion with the fusion of the sporty sneaker and the gown. But realistically, in my world, I should be able to say that I can get with it for street style, but to me, it’s just beautiful art.  It’s not realistic, even with those who have an edgier sense. I’d like to think of myself as edgy, and I love to mix sportswear and women’s ready-to-wear. But what I’ve learned works well in real life is when you dress in a kind of stream-lined manner. Tennis shoes, if you’re wearing them with a dress, they’re going to stand out anyway, especially if you’re wearing a cool cocktail dress. However, you don’t want the shoes to be so over-the-top that it takes away from your great dress.

So, when you shared the Johanna Ortiz picture, I appreciated it for the art of it. If I were to take that same look to the streets, the shoe was so over the top, it would be a little hard for me to pull off.

SSL: Right, and it’s kind of overwhelming too because I know there are so many kinds of “luxury sneakers” now, and that is not the first sneaker style that ever…If I had to pair a dress like that with a sneaker, it probably would not look so gaudy. And then, the fact that considering people like us that wear a size 11 or more…Like, we’re always trying to look for something like slimming and flattering to the foot and not  make it look so bulky.

JW: MmHmm, they were really bulky! You know, if I were to do anything with those sneakers, the dress would have really simple lines…like a sporty, tank dress, so the eye could be drawn to what I want you to see – the space-age sneaks. And even with my edginess, I like balance. If there is too much going on, the onlooker doesn’t know where to concentrate and loses you.

SSL: Exactly! So, if you have a more daring client, would the dress be more casual as well?

JW: Probably so, yeah. If the gown was to be the focus but we still wanted to funk it up with sneakers, the shoes would be a complimenting color for that particular dress. For the [Johanna Ortiz] dress, I might choose a beautiful red that would complement the red in the dress. It would definitely be a little less bulky. There is some room for a modern look. I probably wouldn’t do a basketball shoe or a Vans slip-on either. I would do a mid-rise, like the Giuseppe Zanotti Leather Mid-Top. But when you see the outfit all together, you’d see a beautiful column of red.

SSL: Do you think that any of your style icons, whether they be celebrities or otherwise, really have been able to bring in those kind of gaudy sneakers, even if it’s casual wear? I see Louis Vuitton has like the ‘Archlight’ and then Yeezy and Nike has their ’98 shoes coming back out. A lot of brands are exploring these bulkier or gaudier shoes. And so, do you have any sneaker style icons that you think are really people to look for when it comes to this trend?

JW: You know, it’s interesting that this conversation is coming up at a time when I’m really trying to become more of a sneakerhead and learn a little bit more about that part of fashion because a lot of sneakerheads are men and my clients are mostly women. I just have never really delved into it…at least not since my basketball days in high school. So, what I did learn while I was watching an interview on YouTube by Complex, the magazine, and they had done like a sneaker style series. Complex actually featured Bella Hadid, and she’s got an amazing sneaker collection. That is her thing. And so when I see her on red carpets or I see her street style, it now makes sense!  She is not afraid of mixing sport and glamour together. Bella’s got some pretty wild sneaks, and I think if there’s someone who’s doing it well, it’s her. Not to say I love everything that she does, but she generally pulls it off very well.

Another person who does high-end fashion and gaudy footwear really well, I think, is Rhianna. Rhianna can just pretty much rock anything.  Her attitude is definitely what pulls it all together. So, you’re like, “Of course she would put like these space-age tennis with this cropped pant and leather jacket!”

SSL: Yes, she’s known for going out there with whatever she’s feeling.

JW: And she’s really great at mixing it up, but her attitude really sells it. At the end of the day, with any look that you choose…when you’re comfortable in it and you own it, it’s going to come together.

Most recently, I saw a picture the blonde actress (Kaley Cuoco) from The Big Bang Theory. I was like, “She pulled that look off well!”

The looks that did it for me with the sneakers and the high-end style are the ones that were stream-lined. There was a focus. You knew the sneaker was there. You appreciated the sneaker for what it did for the look, but it didn’t take away from the outfit.


SSL: Exactly! I think we have a similar aesthetic because I don’t know…Balance is really important because I love gowns. I don’t wear dresses as often as often as I would like to, but I really do appreciate the detailing of a great dress, especially if it has a lot of intricate details that might be kind of small, unless you’re really paying attention. And so things like that could be over taken by something that super distracting. So, you hit the nail on the head when you said “the balance”thing. 

SSL: What are some of your new favorite style trends that could be easily incorporated to any woman’s wardrobe right now? 

JW: Oh My Gosh! I think one of my favorite trends right now for the Spring is the high-contrast trend. And that is, simply Black and White (Janelle Monae!) Oooh, it just does it for me…black is my happy color! In Spring and Summer, it’s great for my closet to find ways to incorporate white. It’s real fresh. Any woman can do it, even if you are one that enjoys color. I love to see that contrast and that POP! To me, it exudes trendy and classic all at the same time. And it’s just easy to do. You can always find black and white in the marketplace. So, the POP! is your uniqueness…your personal style uniform that makes it different than just a plain ol’ outfit.

Okay folks, I really want to get your opinions on this sneaker trend. Do these sneakers (space shoes) deserve to be in our orbit? Let me know below.

Are you in the Las Vegas area and in need of some styling assistance? Be sure to check out Jada’s website here.


Featured Photo// Louis Vuitton IG

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