SSL Sole Spotlight| I Chat With Queen Feet Designer Shonchelle Shereé On Her Latest Footwear Projects And Challenges

What’s up Specialty Shoe Lovers (SSLs)! Thanks again for dropping by. As you all know, I am a very new to the footwear blogger scene. Since my start, I’ve been introducing myself to so many talented Queen Feet influencers. One of which is New York Queen Feet designer, blogger, podcast hostess, and YouTube personality Shonchelle Shereé, 32. She wears a footwear size 11. Originally from Texas, USA, Shoncelle is a woman on a Queen Size mission. If you’re not already familiar with Shonchelle, you’re seriously missing out. I mean, she’s even been featured in a DSW campaign.

I recently teamed up with her as a guest on her podcast show, If the Shoe Fits You. In the latest episode,“Amara Nicole”, we chatted about our dream closets, footwear trends, and the problems prevalent in the extended size footwear market. It was definitely refreshing to meet someone as passionate as I about this Queen Feet community. Very much like myself, Shonchelle has taken on the task to “look out” for women like us. From her regular podcast episodes to crafting the prototype of her latest footwear design, Miss Shonchelle Shereé is a force to reckoned with. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s to come next.

I also got a chance to ask her a few questions:

SSL: As a shoe designer, what are some of the challenges that you are facing when designing/ producing extended size footwear?

A challenge I’ve faced so far in designing is creating realistic/sell-able designs. There’s a balance in materializing a fantasy while also making it wearable. Most times, I have to edit my designs, because I want to give the woman every thing she’s ever wanted in a shoe. Since it’s so much and she deserves it all, I design it all. Then, I have to go back and take things away.

As far as production goes, it’s knowing what will sell. Customers have to be open to giving design feedback. Since most customers are shy, you have to watch the streets. Trending in real-time, real people. Point blank, if the customers don’t like it, prototypes, samples and production is pointless. So, the challenge is allegorically like gambling. You want to bet your investment on a hit because you can win big. But, the misses hit hard. It forces you to listen and collaborate with the client.

SSL: You have a podcast show called “If the Shoe Fits You” and YouTube channel. From these platforms, what kind of response are you getting from the Queen Feet community? What are the latest shoe trends they crave?

So far, the feedback has been positive ,and there are a slew of similarities. They mostly dread the shoe department and crave fashion variety. They want to look and feel attractive. However, when it comes to trends, it’s based on location. What one region may need will dictate what trends work for that geographical location. In New York, we have all seasons, and I see what women want all year round. I’m even able to see how the new fur trend is incorporated seamlessly. Those furry creatures are sewn onto summer/spring styles. Women still go out and want sexiness, but don’t want to skimp on warmth. So, they have both, a sexy shoe and fur for warmth. Now, she doesn’t have to wear Uggs (no shade) with her House of CB ensemble.

SSL: You continue to stay busy with your various footwear projects, what can we expect to see from you next?

Currently, I’m working on three projects at once. One project is, the Josephine Baker shoe. It was designed with dancing and freedom in mind. Women tend want to be able to walk in heels, she trots. Next, she wants to see if she can dance in them. These shoes were made for that moment.

The best way to check out everything(projects and merch) Shoncelle Shereé is her site here.

Until next time SSLs!


Amara Nicole

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