SSL Sole Spotlight| YouTuber, “The Modern Diva”, Accepts Her Queen Size Feet

Shardell T.

Shoe Size: 11| Age: 26 | Hometown: Connecticut, USA

I have always had a large foot. In middle school, I wore an 8, then, quickly went to a size 9. Throughout my High School years, I was actually wearing a size 10, but as I entered college, I began to notice that I could not fit my size 10 shoes. I had to move on to a size 11, which was devastating to me. I quickly became comfortable with my size 11 shoe since I had grown up a curvy girl, I had learned to accept all parts of myself, including my “queen size feet”. The funny thing is I get a lot of compliments on my feet. Lol. It’s weird, sometimes, the comments I get on YouTube are hilarious. Foot fetishes are really a thing. Lol.

I remember shopping with my mom and best friend, and we walked into one of those cheap shoe stores which, of course, didn’t sell a size 11. This Asian lady looked at my feet and said, “Nope, we don’t sell your size here.” To be honest, I laughed. It didn’t offend me at all, but it made me aware of the big issue at hand-us women who wear a size 11 and up did not have many choices.

I started to find many ways to be creative with my footwear. Some of my tips are shopping online, of course, and also wearing plus size shoes. Wearing plus size shoes offers you that extra room you need. And for some reason, stores seem to believe only plus women-wear up to a size 13. Boy, are they wrong!

That is what made me so passionate about making my video for YouTube for other viewers to see that they are not alone. And even though we have “Queen feet”, we have options. I wanted to help women who struggle to find cute and stylish shoes. My go to shoe spots are and Target.

I’m hoping in the future, brands will expand their shoe sizes and realize there is a large market for women with “Queen size feet”.



P.S. Here is my video for you ladies with big feet, hope it’s helpful:

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