SSL Sole Spotlight| Model Rachel Rocconi Talks Her Queen Feet Childhood

Rachel Rocconi

Shoe Size: 12| Age: 24| Hometown: Washington, USA

At age 11, I wore a size 11. At first, I thought it was cool when I passed up my mom in shoe size. But when I hit a size 12, the coolness disappeared quick. Finding shoes I liked and that fit me was hard, but I was lucky because at the time “skater shoes” were in. I could pass by wearing Men’s shoes, and they were actually comfy. That is until I went to class in 8th grade and had the same pair of shoes as a boy that sat next to me. Probably in a bigger size, too.

I didn’t wear heels much until I got to college. Where I’m from, there aren’t too many occasions that require getting dressed up. When I was 19, I was asked to compete in Miss Washington USA and needed a simple pair of strappy nude heels. I knew that I was never going to find my size in stores, which generally only sell up to a size 10 or 11. I scoured the Internet for days with no luck. I was forced to custom make a basic heel and spent an extra $250 to do so.

It hasn’t gotten too much easier since then, as I still struggle to find shoes that don’t hurt after 30 minutes. As a model, I always have to come to shoots prepared with plenty of options so the client is willing to work with me. But with brands like Smash Shoes, who cater to women wearing 10+, it is becoming possible to be comfortable AND stylish. Thank you Queen Feet for reminding me that I am not alone in this struggle, we are in it together! Stay positive always.


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