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Beverly Beal, Fashion + Lifestyle Blogger

Size:10| Michigan, USA

Skinny, glasses, and big feet; sounds like a recipe for disaster to any kid. I was that kid. Already extremely shy from being an only child, you don’t know how different you are until you get around a group of people who look nothing like you. I wasn’t that tall, average height, skinny with large feet. My mom taught me at a very early age to just walk tall, be confident and kind. That is just what I did. To this very day, everyone says I am the tallest 5’6 they’ve ever met. They don’t realize that I am actually not that tall, it’s a combination of my long legs and boost of confidence that makes me look taller then I actually am.

As I grew up, I grew into my large feet and long legs. I accepted my body and realized I couldn’t change it, so I learned to live with them. I became so confident with my feet that I actually turned out to be a woman obsessed with shoes lol. High heels, platforms, sandals- I love them all. I don’t even get embarrassed anymore asking for my size 10. I can safely say I am a proud faux tall, big footed woman and you can tell by just seeing me take a step.

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    Reply Chaffron October 21, 2017 at 11:16 am

    Go Beverly! I see so much of myself in your story. For what we lack in height, we have statuesque personas, and that is all that matters. Keep walking tall!

    • Amara Nicole
      Reply Amara Nicole January 16, 2018 at 12:49 pm

      That is so true. I hope more women can really start to exude the same kind of confidence as well.

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