SSL Sole Spotlight| Marcela S.


Marcela S.

Size:11|Age: 21|El Salvador

Well, growing up with big feet was not nice. I remember telling my mom whenever we used to go out shopping, “Why did I have to be born with big feet?” Seeing my classmates and some of my cousins with nice shoes and knowing I couldn’t even think of getting the same shoes because of my size was really sad.

Back home, most of the stores have up to size 10 in women’s shoes . Whenever I had to go and get shoes I always had a hard time finding them and whenever I mentioned my size to the people in the store they were like, “Wow, size 11?!”, while staring at my feet.

I always have shopped at Payless because they always have big sizes even though many times the design of the shoes are not my favorite.

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