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Jazmin T.

Size: 12| Age: 21| Mississippi, USA

Unfortunately, I have had larger feet all of my life. Growing up, my feet were always bigger than the other girls and sometimes the boys. I used to get picked on and used to be so embarrassed to tell people what size I wore. It seemed that I skipped over all of the small sizes. I remember being in like a 10.5-11 in middle school and a 12 in high school. Having bigger feet at a young age, I wore mostly men shoes and absolutely hated it! Now I try to stick to women shoes unless they are Chacos. I like my feet to be as comfortable as possible. Thankfully, I am still in a 12 but it is so hard to find shoes.

Shoe shopping is my least favorite thing to do. I know I can’t go to a regular retail store and buy shoes. I used to have hope that maybe one store would have something I can wear but no, not at all. Then my feet are so picky, one shoe might fit fine as a 12 but another brand of the same size will be a tad too big. I have flat, wide, and narrow feet and my left foot is bigger than my right so it’s always tighter. I don’t own many pair of shoes but most of them are nice and comfortable. Most of my heels come from Payless or Shoe Time.

I am still getting teased about my feet but it doesn’t bother me as much. I know I have bigger feet it I can’t change that so I deal with it. I always tell people that you have to pick a struggle. You can’t have big feet and not keep them pretty. So, I like to keep my toes polished and feet greased up. I am always told I have pretty feet for the size of them. That makes me happy and gives me confidence about my feet.

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