SSL Sole Spotlight| Jada B.

Jada B.

Size: 10| Age: 24| Mississippi, USA

Shoe Struggles:

My experience with large feet has been an ongoing struggle for years of not being able to find a fashionable shoe in my size. My feet have been this big since about 9th grade. I wear a 10, and a 9 1/2 in most heels. Most men like women with smaller feet. They’ll even go as far as asking, “What size shoe do you wear?” It’s embarrassing.

Yes, I have pretty feet, but they’re long. No one had ever talked about my feet, so that’s a plus. I’ve found much luck shopping at DSW for dress shoes and cute heels. I also have found great selections at It’s Fashion and Rainbow. Though most think that those are the “cheap stores”, I’ve had some reliable shoes from those places.

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