SSL Sole Spotlight: Danielle As Queen

Name: Danielle| Age:36| Shoe Size: 12| Hometown: Detroit, MI

Queen’s Court

A 10! A 10 is the smallest shoe size that I can remember wearing. That goes back to the 3rd or 4th grade. By the time I entered 5th grade, I was wearing an 11/12 in women’s shoes. During my middle school and early high school years, I didn’t find it hard finding shoes. Mainly because I wore men’s shoes! It wasn’t until I wanted to go to Homecoming, when I realized how hard it was to find Queen Size shoes. During that time, I also developed a passion for shoes, not any shoe but heels, in particular. Now, I’m from Detroit, and here, we like things a little if not, a lot over the top. So, I wanted a stylish heel with rhinestones, studs, glitter or something. Well,….let’s just say, I ended up with the something.

Queens, if you find that special occasion heel and you are not sure if you will need it, do yourself a favor and get the heel anyway…You never know, and a QUEEN must stay ready!

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