SSL Sole Spotlight| Brianna S.

Brianna S.

Age:28| Size: 11| Oregon, USA

I’ve a shoe size of 11 in a size 7 world. Being a size 11 in shoes has been both a blessing and a curse. When I was a sophomore in high school picking out shoes for my first prom, I picked a racy pair of red stilettos with gems and straps that hugged my ankles just right. My mom (rocking a shoe size of 12) looked me dead in the eyes and said my taste was, “Going to be a problem.”

I get it now because I live it and being a size 11 shoe lover is indeed a problem. My size 11 is a problem for you, store owners, you’ve missed thousands of dollars in sales from a very massive market of, ‘over 10 size shoe wearers,’ because you don’t carry our sizes- this is the curse! However, I save money- this is the blessing.

Why do I feel such shame about my shoe size? I never offer up the size of my feet to anyone. No amount of dieting can influence the size I am and have been since 7th grade. But, the shame runs deep and I attempt to wear shoes that, ‘don’t make my feet look big.’ Converse are off limits. Proud and fully accepting my body, no, I’m not there yet. My shoe size confidence is not where I’d like it to be but talking about it, reading blogs like this and understanding I’m not alone Is essential for all of us to accept ourselves exactly as we are and hopefully influence the buyers of every store to wake up and stock our sizes!

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