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Avery B.

Size:10|Age: 22|Texas, USA

Long story short, I’ve had the same shoe size since I was like 12. My foot was always bigger than my classmates, but I was also always taller, so it made sense to me. The first time that it was brought to my attention was in middle school, when someone’s child thought it was appropriate to say, “D***n, your shoes long.” In their defense, any converse shoe looks long, but in my defense, I couldn’t help it. Ever since then, I’ve been conscious of what shoes look “long” or “bulky” on me.

As an adult, I find it hard to purchase shoes, not because my size isn’t available, but because my size is sold out. Believe it or not, 10 is a very popular size for women, and coupled with the lower number of the size ordered, finding your favorite shoe could be impossible. Because I mainly wear sneakers, I find it easier to buy my shoes in the men’s department. However, be cautioned that male shoes do tend to be bulkier, so if that’s something you’re self conscious about, i would always try them on first. For a more feminine look, I’ve noticed that strappy heels break up the appearance of size, and make me more comfortable with my feet being out. I love shopping online for shoes because you can see if they have your size before you waste your time or a trip. 6pm is a great site to find shoes of all sizes and styles. You’re welcome.

Thanks to Avery for sharing one of her favorite footwear retailers. To see similar places to shop for your next pair of awesome shoes, I’ve another post that should help here.

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