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Valerie D.

Size: 10|Age: 54|Mississippi, USA

Toe Woes

I can vividly recall squeezing my size 10 feet into a 9 shoe. After constantly being teased about my large feet, I became embarrassed.   I first became aware of this anomaly when I was in the 5th grades. “Oh my, what large feet you have Valerie”, one of my classmates exclaimed, “I only wear a size 7 ½, I innocently exclaimed. The laughter began. “Girl, you have some logs”, they teased.

From then on, I became ashamed of the feet that I was blessed with. Over the years, I have developed bunions, plantar warts, and hammer toes. I am so embarrassed when I have to expose my toes to get a pedicure.

My Feet Relationship

I heard the song that a man was complaining about his feet when he saw a man without legs. I began to realize that I was grateful to have feet to walk with. But the damage had already been done. The “too little shoes” had done its damage.

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