SSL OOTD| Styling Stereotypical Comfort Shoes is Possible

When you grow up with hard-to-fit feet as I have, you’ll come to discover many “comfort” or orthopedic shoe brands. As a child, I dreaded going into these stores because they didn’t have youthful styles that paired well with my girly looks. I thought almost every shoe was hideous. I mean, what 12 year old girl wants to buy their shoes from the same store as their grandma? What was worse than the limited “youthful” styles was the almost complete absence of color. Literally, everything that I could find for size 11, width Narrow AAAA came in either black or brown. If ever I wore color, patterns, or texture as a teen, I could almost bet you that I was wearing ill-fitting shoes.

Unfortunately, not much has changed in my width issue. First of all, a quad Narrow foot isn’t that common in a size 11, so the struggle is beyond complicated from just a length standpoint. Finding my length is definitely not as hard as finding the width that I need for support. So, I challenged myself to prove that it is possible to style “comfort” shoes with a little styling imagination.

I found these booties at my local Cook & Love store. I paired these soft black leather booties with a cool on-trend split detail with my black string fringe skirt and fuchsia turtle neck. Because the top is sleeveless, I paired it with an old cropped jean jacket.

Shoe Deets: These ‘Robyn’ soft leather booties are by Munro & Co. in a U.S. size 11 Narrow. The booties have a 1.5″ shock absorbing  heel, which really are a huge help to my super flat feet. I actually find myself wearing these to work quite often. Also, what I love about this brand is that while they are pricey, they offer quality shoes with adequate support in sizes up to 14 with a variety of widths too.

Looking to discover other comfort brands? I compiled a list in a post just for youhere. Also, let me know what you think of this OOTD below!

Photographer: IG @queenprincesskym

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