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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and the official color for this month is pink. Throughout the month, there’ll be lots of informational sessions, walks, and events to support breast cancer awareness and research funding for you and the entire family to get involved.

Why do I get involved? Like many families today, my family has also been somewhat haunted with the lingering presence of cancer, breast cancer to be exact. All of a sudden, it seemed to touch one after another woman in my family and friend circle. I’ve had women on both sides of my family (maternal and paternal) to be diagnosed with the disease. As a result, I’ve lost 2 aunts to the disease thus far while other family members have luckily survived. Of course, there are families like ours wondering why. Why us? Why now? Why does it keep coming back? And yes, these questions are normal. It’s okay, the entire experience sucks.

Despite this painful reality of breast cancer’s existence, we’ve been able to really rally around each other when times have gotten tough to support the women in our family who are going through. This month and every month, I will continue to honor the memory of those we’ve lost and support those who are still going through.

I’d encourage you all to get involved this month in the many festivities to support Breast Cancer research, please see your local American Cancer Society’s website to view upcoming events. And yes, I’ve actually done quite a bit of volunteering to support my local organization, and it’s always very rewarding to give back.

For this look, I’m just wearing a sheer over-sized black ostrich print blouse from Forever 21 with and funky printed asymmetrical skirt from Kohl’s Apt. 21 brand. I’ve just paired my work outfit with black Trotters brand soft leather pumps from Nordstrom. You can find those pumps here. To top it off, I’m just sporting my pink breast cancer awareness pin.

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