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You all may know that I love to eat and try out new foods. So, my recent trip to Marrakech, Morocco presented a great opportunity to try some new restaurants and traditional Moroccan foods.

For a few of the restaurants below, I tried to link their websites for those of you interested in visiting or checking out their menus.

Anyways, let’s get into these reviews.

#1. Riad Dar El Aïla

This bed and breakfast has its own dining patio situation on the top floor with a variety of drink and food dishes. It was also the riad that I stayed while I was in town.

For breakfast, they had pancakes, pastries, made-to-order eggs, fruit, and bread varieties to help you fuel through the day.

For dinner, you could enjoy dishes like tagines, burgers (berber and turkey), kababs, which was perfect after long adventure-filled days. My favorite was called something like Marrakechi Sarachi veggie tagine dish and their super refreshing virgin mojitos.

#2. Le Salama

Here our group shared our first meal on Day One of our arrival at this beautiful spot with rooftop views. I tried the “Variety of Moroccan Salads” (appetizer), “Couscous Chicken and Seven Vegetables” (entrée).

During dinner, we were treated to belly dancers and fire-show display as mid-dinner entertainment, which proved to be really exciting and a bit nerve-wrecking as the fire got so close to flammable objects and people.

My only con for this restaurant is that it’s definitely not smoke-free or animal-free. As other dinner guests began to settle, European tourists flooded the space, cigarettes in hand. It was so hard for me to breathe easily. Luckily, I sat by a window and huge AC unit. Also, we had a few cat friends that greeted us throughout our dining experience. The cats weren’t so much the problem; however, the cigarette smoke situation made the entire experience more difficult to enjoy.

#3. La Rose Du Sable

On the way to the Atlas Mountains, our boutique travel group made a pit stop here for lunch after starting on a our long car ride to the desert. We dined family style with chicken and veggie tagine dishes paired with fresh fruit and veggie salads.

The food here wasn’t super memorable because I was car sick after a rough driving route to the Sahara. I do know for sure that the food wasn’t unpleasant because I definitely remember the bad more so than the good.

#4. Limoni

This beautiful little Italian restaurant is situated in the heart of the Old City, very close to the medina, and was a especially hidden gem. Literally, we walked right passed it initially.

Not only was the restaurant absolutely gorgeous, but the food proved a welcomed change after a lot of traditional Moroccan dishes took a toll on my tummy.

On my first lunch visit, I had the tagliatelle ragu with beef with a delightful Prickle Pear flavored gelato for desert.

Prickle Pear is a completely new fruit that I was introduced to while in Marrakech. When I read it on the menu initially, I misread it to be “pickled” pear, so I’d asked the server about how it tastes. Fortunately for me, I loved how tropical the prickle pear gelato tasted. If you could, I would definitely pair it with mango for the perfect gelato fusion of FLAVOR.

Of course, I couldn’t stay away too long. On my last day in Marrakech, I returned for lunch. This time, I had the chicken carbonara, which was my favorite out of the two entrees I’d tried that week; however, it’s loaded with cheese. And I definitely paid for it later. I highly recommend this dish, especially if you are a dairy tolerant foodie.

#5. Nomad

Our last group dinner was at the Nomad, a super chic restaurant, near the medina. We dined on the windy rooftop under stars as we recounted our recent adventures. I tried the “Vegetarian Pastilla” (appetizer), Spiced Chicken Leg (entrée), and a chocolate cake (dessert). For my drink of choice, I sipped on hot Lemongrass and Ginger tea because it was particularly chilly that night.

I actually really loved the crispy outer texture of the pastilla as it was coupled with a creamy goat cheese filling on the inside. I had never tried pastilla before that night, so it was a welcomed new dish.

I was disappointed by the Spiced Chicken entree as it was much sweeter (fruity) than spiced. I felt like the sweetness of the various fruit it was cooked overpowered the other flavor notes that should have come out for a dish to be of its name.

The chocolate cake was super decadent, rich, and creamy, so if you’re a real chocolate lover like myself, you will enjoy this. I didn’t care for their homemade whipped creme though as the texture was off and the flavor was too mild to be a noteworthy pair with such a great cake.

There were so many other foodie places to explore in Marrakech. The possibilities were limitless. If you’ve visited either of these restaurants mentioned above, how was your experience?

Do you have any additional restaurant recommendations for myself or other travelers? I’d love to hear from you. Please leave your recommendations below.


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