SSL Bites| Holiday Dinner at Parlor Market Is a First for Me

I really am trying to make more of an effort to socialize with friends after work, especially since it’s the holidays. So many of my former high school and university classmates are in town for a quick break before returning to their day-to-day that I’ve got to play catch-up with everyone in matter of days. For the past two weeks, I’ve done a good job coordinating and accepting after-hour dinner invites from high school and college classmates. Recently, I shared with you all on my Instagram story a dinner date with my dear graphic designer friend/ college classmate, Ally. I had the pleasure of choosing a restaurant that isn’t quite so new to the Jackson Metro area anymore but was still new to me, Parlor Market.

This dimly lit downtown Jackson restaurant was really cute and cozy–definitely Instagram worthy (if you were wondering). While I did notice a few kids in the building,this spot seemed like it’d be more appropriate for an adult-only dinner party or date night.

Unfortunately for me, I did have to parallel park in a sketchy spot, which wasn’t quite so fun. It wasn’t until afterwards that I actually noticed that they offered complimentary parking. YAY for me!

After what seemed like forever, my lovely friend arrived, and the fun began. I ordered the Carbonara pasta, which included a 63 degree egg. I’ve got to say I was skeptical after the first few bites, but the egg really gave me the WOW flavor factor that I was looking when combined with the Parmesan cream and hearty bacon chunks. The only thing that I didn’t care for was the Rigatoni noodle because even though I cut it up, I still had a hard time swallowing that super thick noodle. But HEY, I’m absolutely hooked on that 63 degree egg. I wonder how easy/ difficult it would be to incorporate it into my dishes at home. Good job Chef!

And for this dinner, I did something that I never do. I had dessert too! Ally and I split the ice cream trio that was made completely in-house. The trio included  cinnamon, brownie, and vanilla flavors. While individually these were tasty. Ally & I agreed that they were AMAZING blended together. We mentioned it to our server too, so hopefully, Chef Craig will implement that blended ice-cream trio idea.



I did enjoy my overall experience. My server was really attentive and helpful with my many menu item questions and allowing a small wine sample.  I’d definitely recommend Parlor Market if you’re in the Jackson, MS area, willing to pay for ambiance versus serving portions, and have a taste for Italian food. According to my server, the restaurant has been changing its menu to offer more Italian cuisine.

Featured Photo//Jackson Free Press

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