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My Friends and I Explored the Dallas Fort Worth Food Scene Through Its Food Tours

This past Memorial Weekend was one for the books! One of my friends and I traveled to Dallas Fort Worth area to catch up with our dear friend from college who is living her best life in DFW. In total, I drove over 12 hours during the course of 4 days. CRAZY, I know! Yes, I am currently awaiting my next full nap. But until then, I wanted to catch you up on the cool foodie places we explored.

If you feel overwhelmed in planning food options while visiting Dallas, take the load off for a moment and try one of their many food or drink tours. There’s no need to stress when there are professional foodies waiting to show you around the Dallas food scene. For $40-70 bucks, you can dive head on into many dishes and drinks as you check off those restaurant boxes on your bucket list.

Dallas Millennial Club’s Wine Walk @ Texas LIVE!

While I’m not a drinker, I am always down to explore new restaurant spaces. However, the setting for this DMC event was the bar crawling, food emporium known as Texas LIVE!  I was able to still attend as our group’s designated driver and food was available to purchase at every stop.

I absolutely loved the design of the space. I’d describe Texas LIVE! as a modern architecturally chic entertainment space. Although each restaurant inside had its own design variation from contemporary/ trendy to classic and luxe, most of them followed a red, black, and natural wood color theme. While there were pendant lights of varying shapes, counter spaces of many textures, black exposed ceilings, huge layered television screens, and so forth, the entire venue seemed to just flow well.

The event’s setup is such that attendees get a wristband and menu card/ guide to direct you to select restaurants within the same venue. At each stop, guests are treated to different red or white wine paired with either a dessert or savory appetizer bite. The food selections included churro balls, jalapeno bourbon bacon, pulled pork quesadillas, tuna poke tacos with mango salsa, chicken ranch flatbreads, etc. At the conclusion of the event, there’s a little reception set up at the Choctaw VIP Lounge for one last drink, a mimosa.

If you’re interested in attending the next DMC Wine Walk, check the link here.

Food Tours of America

Our gang chose the FTA’s Dallas food tour in the West Village neighborhood. Let me first start by saying THANK YOU to our lovely guide Emily. She was super knowledgeable as a foodie/ historian. From Emily, our group explored The Rustic, Tacos and Tequila, Baboush, and Bisous Bisous restaurants.

At The Rustic, we were treated to hearty portions of gourmet creamy cheddar grits polenta cake, quiche, avocado toast, lemon garlic dressed salad and, peanut butter chocolate pie for dessert. Everything was great here.

From there, we took the trolley on over to Tacos and Tequila for pork tacos and various salsas. Although this space was super cute with its many art installations and fun music, I personally enjoyed their food the least. It’s as if everything was lacking fullness in flavor. In my most humble opinion, the pork tacos should have been accompanied with BBQ sauce and toppings. All the salsas were bland as if they were watered down.

Our next stop was Baboush.This Moroccan inspired restaurant took us visually to a private riad-like experience as we explored the tastes of the Mediterranean with dishes like chick shawarma, humus, lamb gyros, and some other veggie dishes that I can’t quite remember. The cinnamon pita bread was incredibly surprising as it paired perfectly with the chicken shawarma.

Of all these really uniquely designed restaurants, The Rustic was my favorite. The space was a surprising fully functional temporary space (without a foundation) but was nothing short of amazing in its design and layout, which can accommodate hundreds of people inside and outside for entertainment experiences without feeling super cramped.

If you’re interest in touring with AFT. Try “Emily” (or a variation of her name) for a discount on your next tour booking.

My Final Thoughts

I’m so glad I was able to explore Dallas through these food tour groups, I would highly recommend either tour group or individual restaurant if you’re looking for a flavorful adventure in Dallas.

Also, be sure to come back and visit the site soon for more of my Dallas Fort Worth area restaurant reviews!


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