SSL Bites| Brunchin’ & Munchin’ Beyond Dallas

Welcome back y’all! Last week, I recapped my food tour  journey in Dallas during the Memorial weekend. If you haven’t checked out that post, SSL Bites: Full on Dallas, be sure to take a look.

This week, I’m talking foodie spots on the outskirts of the City. Outside of Dallas, TX, there really are some really cool places to live, work, and play. And between cities like Grand Prairie, Grapevine, and Arlington, you can find lots of family-friendly shops and restaurants to explore. While most entertainment will still be nearby in Dallas, you can still find something to do. If you’re a young professional or a parent looking for more affordable rent options, these cities may be best suited for your style and budget.

Eat @ Brunch

The Social House, Arlington, TX

This restaurant is completely Instagramable from corner to corner. From plant wall hedges to string lights cascading the outside patio. I really enjoyed the look and feel there. The staff was very friendly and inviting without being intrusive.

I tried their “House Omelet” and only sampled their mimosas. I love absolutely the mushrooms in the omelet. They were super tender and savory. The eggs were fluffy and had the perfect omelet consistency. And although, I did have an issue with my food, I was quickly accommodated with new food and my tab was taken care of.

Mimi’s Café, Arlington, TX

Now, my friend recommended that I try the blueberry muffins here. Apparently, they are to die for. Of course, I was skeptical because…. HELLO!, blueberry is kind of played out at this point. “Like, how different could a Mimi blueberry muffin really be?” I thought.

I am so glad that I was wrong. This blueberry was HITTIN (as the young folk say)! Baked with butter milk batter and fresh blueberries, this muffin was like a berry cobbler and crumble cake that married and birthed a new thing, served warm and moistened. I loved it!

After all those carbs, I wanted something hearty and healthy, so I also tried out their “Savory Breakfast Bowl”, which contained farro, quinoa, a poached egg, avocado, kale, yummy grape tomatoes and garlic butter on a bed of brown rice. It was savory and delicious. I’m really wondering if I could recreate this nutritious power bowl at home.

Eat @ Dinner

Perry’s Steakhouse, Grapevine, TX

Perry’s was a fabulous splurge for myself! Our server was amazing. On this particular Sunday, they had a customizable special entree which included their “Field Green, Pear, & Candied Pecan Salad” and famous pork chop dinner, served with their house applesauce topping and fresh lime. I don’t typically enjoy eating nuts, but that salad was definitely worth trying. It was perfectly sweet and savory. Their special also included family-style sides and a trio dessert sampler of Crème Brule, cheesecake, and some kind of chocolate crunch treat.

All in all, I enjoyed all three of these foodie-approved restaurants. Between the full flavors and the impeccable service, you cannot go wrong visiting a little outside of Dallas to either of these if you’re planning a visit.

Have you ever been to either of these outlier cities? If so, which restaurants should I try next time I’m in town.