SSL News|Sculptured Heels Are The Next Big Thing In Footwear

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Welcome back to the latest edition of SSL News. Previously, I covered Footwear Brands That Are Putting Sustainability At The Forefront. You should check it out. Question. Have you heard of sculptured heels?

As women, we have a certain idea of what heels look like, especially stilettos, right? They’re typically a skinny, simple rod-like shapes that make our legs look BOMB. Well, we’ve taken our usual heels for granted folks. For the most part, we’ve completely been conditioned to regularly seeing simple, to-the-point heels shapes. It’s a new day in the footwear world, and this heel style is a thing of the past.

We’ve traditionally only admired sculptures from afar. Now, you can wear a different kind of sculpture on your heels. I call these shoes “sculptured heels”.

These days, designers are tired of the same old heel shapes and molds and are starting to experiment with laser-cut shapes, embellishments, beads etc. Thanks to technology, designers can appease their inner creative even more. And heels are more sculpture-like than ever, worthy to rival the years of meticulous, extravagant detail that has exclusively been designated for the upper part of the shoe. We’ve had only a slight taste of these in the past. While a few old heads like Prada are coming on the scene with their flavor, there are a couple new brands that are taking the plunge into this new trend.

Now, I don’t know how comfortable these sculptured heels tend to be. I imagine some of them might not offer the best support. You’ve been warned!

Anyways, I’ve compiled some of the most stand out heels that are out now.

I imagine that this trend filled with interesting sculpted heels will last for quite some time. I see a whole lot more creativity to come to your heels soon. I get it. I mean, these are quirky and fun with a hint of danger that keeps the shoes interesting, bringing them to life a bit.

What do you think of these sculptured heel styles? Which one is your favorite?

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