Relaxing With A Personal Paint Party

RELAX. That’s a word that I’ve heard a lot, but I don’t really know how to do it or so I’ve been told. While getting a massage, salsa dancing with a partner, or hanging out with family and friends, I hear, “Tranquila Amara!” or “Just relax”. Clearly as often as I hear these phrases, I don’t think I’m too good at “relaxing”. On the first day of the new year, I did something that I haven’t done in quite some time: paint. In my head, I’d like to think I was somewhat artsy. In reality, I’m not too sure. Anyways, I wanted to shake up the usual nap and movie routine that I’ve grown accustomed to and try to be great!

You know, painting (for fun) is a pretty inexpensive activity by the way. All you’ll need to do is hit up your local Wally World (Wal-Mart), Hobby Lobby, another local craft store and check out their paints on sale. I use the smaller acrylic bottles that I find. Also, I don’t buy every color in sight to start. What I do is seek color inspiration from Pinterest, YouTube painting tutorials, or random photos that I find. Trust me, these inspirational sources aren’t overly complicated, so I can give myself at least a fair chance to create something cute (decent).

It’s great to be able to cast your worries aside, if only for an hour, to do something fun. Don’t forget to get your favorite drink of choice. I personally like my tea. It makes me feel super sophisticated. Oh yeah, you can set the tone for your paint party with your favorite music and a quiet space too. Whatever you do, keep in mind that you aren’t trying to become Picasso’s apprentice. Just let go of the reigns for a moment and HECK, I’ll say it: RELAX!

In your spare time, how do you unwind and relax?

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