SSL Sole Spotlight| Miss Anonymous in the Netherlands

Shoe Size: 11.5| Age: N/A| Country: The Netherlands

Growing up in the Netherlands, a country that is known for it’s tall people, I didn’t experience that many difficulties when shopping for the right shoes. Most local shoe stores here in Amsterdam sell shoes up to size 12 (Size 42/43 in EU-size).

Although my feet were bigger than most of the kids in middle school, it wasn’t until my teens when people started to make some downgrading comments about my feet. Surprisingly, people still get shocked when I tell them I am a size 11.5. It’s like they expect everyone to have a size 7/8. My favorite stores are definitely ZARA and Primark.

The stores here in the Netherlands still need some upgrading in general. Not everyone is as fortunate as I am to live in the city. Most people who live in towns don’t have stores like the ZARA and have to travel all the way to the big cities just to get the right shoes.

– The Anonymous Girl

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