Keep Stylin’ Your Winter Boots With Your Favorite Looks This Spring

Every Spring, we heartily welcome the sun’s warmth and race to our favorite Spring colors and pieces. But we forget that Spring is a very transitional time–not just for out bodies and eating habits but also for our wardrobes. While it’s not quite Summer just yet, we still experience the leftover withdrawal symptoms of Winter’s chill. Fortunately for us, there is a solution. Why can’t we just carryover those favorite stand-out boots from Winter to this current season and pair them with those highly coveted Spring pieces? I’m so glad that this option exists because I was totally getting bummed that as Spring’s warmth comes that I would have to re-box my Tamara Mellon ‘Go West’ ankle boots, which I’ve been wearing basically non-stop. But then, I became super excited and inspired after seeing a recent footwear shoot by Tamara Mellon and last weekend’s Beychella (Oops, I meant Coachella) Below are some of my favorite styling ideas for boots:

Shorts-Ankle Boot Combo

I didn’t realize that shorts and fishnet stockings were still a thing, but apparently, they were still an influencer favorite at Coachella this year.

A classic shorts look is achieved when combining western-style boots with shorts.

Boots & Dresses

I love a variety of options when it comes to wearing boots with dresses. Tall calf boots or OTKs definitely add a layer of sophistication to a simple dress.

Pictured above is Tamara Mellon’s ‘Icon 75’; Photo by Tamara Mellon


Chloe Kim; Photo by Levi’s

However, if  you’re looking to be more casual, Doc Martens can definitely deliver your boot panacea.

Maybe you want your boots to be the statement piece for your look. Ankle boots can be extremely detailed with all kinds of colors and embellishments to help you dress from the bottom up.

Classic Denim

When all other looks fail to suit your particular style, be sure to whip out your favorite Spring-washed denim to pair with simple black ankle boots. You can’t go wrong with such a classic style.

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