I Tried Natural Deodorant For Over A Year

This Is What I’ve Learned From Wearing Natural Deodorants

I did it! For about a year and a half, I ditched the commercial deodorant that I knew so well for uncharted territory of the world of natural deodorant to test my mental and emotional and physical strength. The reason, of course, was health related by the way. I was really hesitant about sharing this because it seems like it’s T.M.I., but my experience may help someone along the same journey. I definitely don’t like the fact that commercial has aluminum in it. I imagine it seeping into my pores with every wax removal method, drawing me nearer to an undesirable diagnosis.

Hey, I have every right to be apprehensive. Breast cancer runs on both sides of my family, and I am not trying to be the next victim of its preying desires. If I can eliminate or minimize my risk, I would do it in a heartbeat.

With that being said, I began researching commercial deodorants I believe over the past 2 years as I was searching for a remedy to darkened underarms during the Summer of 2016. Long story short, I was and still am convinced that commercial deodorants aren’t completely safe. I recently started back using commercial deodorant in March of 2018. While I loved the idea behind natural deodorant, I realized these things about that journey:

All natural deodorants aren’t made equal

I tried a few different brands and form of natural deodorant over monthly periods before I found one that I really like. I started with Desert Essence mineral rock stick and had a previous experience with their pomegranate roll-on in my earlier pubescent years. Let me just say, this brand just doesn’t seem to work for my life and/ body composition at all. You have to really be careful as to where you store this deodorant stick. 1). You can’t leave on top of granite, and my bathroom sink top is granite. 2). Proper application is a little much. To apply, you have to have the stone moistened before use. 3). It doesn’t last long enough. Y’all smelling like hot salt isn’t attractive. PERIOD!

Less mess is always better

When I started using Primal Pit Paste, which is oil based, I started to notice the incredible oil stains that soiled my beautiful blouses. I was so sad. To this day, I’m still trying to lift some. Luckily, the stains aren’t super visible at first glance or else I’d have to replace way too many tops in my wardrobe.

Reapplication doesn’t work for me

Let me preface this one by saying I sweat my fair share. I always knew that I was hot-natured. Without fail, I’m the first one in the room to sweat on the tip of my nose. Don’t get me wrong, my opinion about sweating has definitely matured since my pubescent years. I used to HATE sweating. Now, I don’t mind it as much. It’d be super unhealthy to not sweat at all. I just don’t want to deal with body odor. Another thing, my day can extend beyond 8-9 hours of activity. I need a deodorant that hang. You know what I mean? I hate the idea of toting around extra products in my bags to touch up through the day. When I leave the house, I want to be good from head to toe.

My life is more active that I thought

I’m a very animated person. I often talk with my hands. I love to entertain strangers and friends alike. I’ve become overtly aware of these habits since I started this natural deodrant journey. All my hand gestures and active story telling leads to my working up a sweat pretty quickly, something I’d never considered with my trusted Degree deodorant/ antiperspirant duo over the years.

While I tried a couple of deodorants throughout this journey, I found two that I would recommend to others:

#1 Recommendation

I absolutely love Thai Crystal Deodorant Mist. It’s pretty amazing in comparison to all the other fails in my rear view. This mineral salt spray has no oils or added fragrance. Plus, it doesn’t stain my clothes, lasts almost 12 hours for me (with less activity and cooler temps), and is extremely cost-effective (like less than $5 a bottle)in comparison to my next pick.

Now, this product may last until evening before reapplication is necessary, unless you’re sweating a lot more than usual. Also, I don’t like that the spray is so cool as you spray it under your arms in the morning. After you spray, the solution runs a couple of seconds until it dries. The sensation is pretty uncomfortable to me, especially during chilly morning hours.

#2 Runner Up

When I tried Primal Pit Paste initially, I thought I’d struck gold. It had lasted beyond 2-4 hours for me and had super yummy scents. Unfortunately, I had to reapply this one by the early part of the afternoon (think near the lunch hour). While I’ve bought the Orange Creamscicle and lavender scents, the Thyme and Lemongrass(Level: Strong) scent is my FAVE!

What I don’t like about this product is that you have to allow it to heat up a bit (adjust to your body temperature) before it applies smoothly. This could be a little frustrating in the colder months. The oil stains completely damage multiple blouses. And the strong level scent mentioned above is only available by jar. I didn’t care to use my popsicle stick to apply deodorant in the mornings.


So, in March of 2018, I began to wear commercial deodorant. I knew I’d be headed to Cape Town(check out my adventure here), and I didn’t want to imagine having to periodically spray my pits on multiple flights nearing 24 hours or during the activities on my jammed packed itinerary. When I came back, I found myself wearing it everyday thereafter, especially as Mississippi heat waves started to set in. I’m thinking about reverting back as the weather starts to shift to cooler temps this Fall.

While I know natural deodorant isn’t everybody’s thing, have you given it a try? What’s been your experience?

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