Having Larger Feet Mean…

SSLs, we all know that having “big feet” or “Queen Feet” can be an absolute struggle. Here is my list of 7 things that every SSL can relate to because of our larger feet:

1). You can’t hide from scuff marks.

Pros: You buy new shoes to replace your worn ones at every opportunity. Who can really have too many shoes? Also, because you know the architectural elements are out to get you, you learn to walk more carefully, with the grace of a dancer. A little more refinement is key to #GirlBoss swag.

Cons: It seems like every curb and corner are out to get you. Every time you get a pair of new shoes, you just casually walk along your path to greatness when you notice the side of your shoe is scratched as you walk alongside a pavement. It happens so often that it makes you sick, so STAY WOKE. Each time, you’re trying to grab a Sharpie out of your bag, trying to hide your less than perfect shoes while you’re out and about.

2). Stairs aren’t your BFF.

Pros:  While stairs are necessary for some of your favorite travel routes, it’s great to know that all staircases aren’t the same. There are some more modern public buildings that offer less steep staircases. Fortunately, a lot of public places that have stairs also have escalators if you want to avoid the awkward one-two step of climbing stairs.

Cons: I’m convinced that we have so many steep staircases all around because they were constructed when the average shoe size was still 5-8. You know the ones at those pesky apartment buildings, malls, airports, train stations, historic sites, or municipal government buildings. Unfortunately, that means for us that we always risk a major trip ‘n fall disaster because only our toes and the middle of our feet actually get a chance to rest upon the stair.

*When walking on stairs, take your time. Nowhere is worth the injuries that result from a major sprain or fall that is possible with stairs.

3). Travelling is a pain.

Pros: You learn new, innovative ways to pack your suitcase.

*When travelling, I suggest you pick a color palette/ theme for all of your clothes. Coordinate a few reliable shoes that will work well with all of your looks to have the optimal fit for your suitcase.

Cons: Airplanes don’t give your feet enough space to move to the left or right, let alone breathe. Walking down tight spaces down aisles, planes, or trains cause you to step on people accidentally. You can only say, “Sorry!” for long before others are sick of you. Another thing, you always have to pack around your shoes because they take up so much space.

4). Dancing can be tough but not impossible.

Pros: You can possibly be quicker and leap farther than other people. Dancing alone is ideal for you.

Cons: Dancing with a partner is a nightmare. Have you ever gone salsa dancing with specialty size feet? Girl, you know what I’m talking about. It’s more like a back-forth apology between you and your partner because you both keep stepping on each other. Your feet won’t catch up for fast turns.

5). People love to step all over you.

Pros: You know your feet get beat up often, so you are motivated to show them some love by keeping them looking nice and neat. Pedicures are the epitome of self-care.

  • Cons: Children, adults, males, and females are ALWAYS stepping on your toes under the dinner table or walking along the pavement. Heck, you trip all over yourself! When at a music festival, people step backwards on you. I remember a time when a football player stepped on me while backing up at a crowded party. The struggle never ends.

6). Shopping Sucks!

Pros: There are way more retailers that offer specialty size shoes than they did maybe a decade or so. Now, you can shop your favorite department store and possibly find more in-store selections today. Online shopping is on another level because you have way more sizes available than in-store.

Cons: Stores never have your size. They only carry 2-3 pairs in your size in-store, so you’re always online hunting for shoes. When they’re not out-of-stock, the problem is when they finally arrive at your doorstep and don’t fit. Then, you have to go through the hassle of going through the return/ shipping process to get another size or your money back. And let’s say you go shopping for your next pair of jeans, you constantly battle with your feet in the fitting room because you get stuck in them while putting them through the holes.

7). Nail Salon/ Spas ignore your needs.

Pros: You still get BOMB pedicures!

Cons: They never have sandals for your shoe size.

*Heck, you can bring your own flip flops. Those foam/ paper slippers suck anyways.

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