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June 12, 2014

Guanabana is LIFE!

I’m absolutely loving the guanabana resfrescos here in Costa Rica. Que rico! At this point, I don’t even know how much guanabana I’ve consumed.These drinks are absolutely amazing. By the way, “refrescos” are freshly made fruit drinks that definitely would excel against the common smoothie in the states. I wish we had this many fruits back home.

Tree Planting Ceremony

Today in class, we planted an orange tree at school. Apparently, all the schools do so for the future generations of students. We are able to cook and eat from the land, so it’s important that we recognize the importance of investing in the sustainability of our campus resources. The institute is definitely all about the global “green initiative”. It was a reminder that going “green” doesn’t always take a huge effort.

Yes, I actually got a little dirty today. In my colorful sandals, I dug the first couple of times in our tree’s assigned spot. A male student offered to finish because I was only moving a little dirt at a time. But hey, that shovel was heavy, and I’m a meticulous person.

After we finished, we reviewed our Spanish lessons for our test tomorrow. We capped off the day with the limbo game. According to my class this week, I have a very unique style of getting under the limbo stick. Eventually, as it got harder, other students took upon my method to finish. I always knew I was a trend-setter.

ATTENTION Family & Friends

For those of you (family and friends) wondering about your letters or post cards, I did mail them this week( onTuesday) after waiting forever in the only post office in the City and without air conditioner, may I add. To sum it up, they’re coming, so please don’t ask. Oh yeah, many schools are leaving Saturday, so I hope the institute won’t be so dry next week. It’s a good thing others will be coming soon.

CR Takes On Brasil

Also, Saturday is a huge day for Costa Rica (even though people tend to be in favor of Brazil). On Sat., there will be a huge soccer game. I’m pretty sure it’s one of the finalizing games for the World Cup. I hope you all understand when I really mean, “SOCCER IS LIFE!” in Latin countries. Unfortunately, my host dad has to work on Saturday, so he can’t partake in the big game party at my new Aunt and Uncle’s house. They’re so amazing! After my new uncle invited me Tuesday, my new Aunt told me that I’m her new daughter. I felt so special because this was after they fed me chocolate cake, coffee, bread, etc. after abruptly imposed right before they surprised their son with sweets for his birthday. Oh my goodness, that cake not only looked amazing, the taste was double the trouble. Every time I eat sweets here, I imagine a cavity. Well, you know what they say here, “PURA VIDA”, “Que tuanis?!”

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