Footwear Brands That Are Putting Sustainability At The Forefront

Whether you’re into social or environmental sustainability, congrats to you for being WOKE! You know the power of your money can either benefit society as a whole and/ protect our precious planet. In my opinion, there’s no one way to do it. Whether you’re a real leather or vegan leather girl, there are companies out there that practice sustainability. For your sustainable shopping pleasure, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite companies that offer efforts towards footwear sustainability through environmental and social sustainability as well as extended sizes for Queen Feet.

Environmentally Sustainable

Tamara Mellon-12

For the 2018 Intl. Women’s Day, Tamara introduced the Limited Edition Kaleidoscope Platform Sandals made from recycled silk scarves from their City of Los Angelos.


Rothy’s offers a variety of flats made from recycled water bottles.

Salvatore Ferragamo-11

For the 2017 Green Carpet Fashion Awards, the brand debuted an evening dress, handbag, and accompanying “F” wedge sandals made with fabrics from the company Orange Fiber. Orange Fiber uses citrus juice by-products to create sustainable fashion fabrics.

Brother Vellies-11

From shipping large batches to reduce their carbon footprint using vegetable dyes, this real leather (Kudu) brand focuses on sustainable manufacturing practices all while offering the quality that their customers demand. This brand has a real commitment to sustainability, see their site for more info.

El Naturalista-11

This comfort brand offers chrome-free shoes, which helps to reduce the consumption of the following: electricity, water, gas, chemicals, and carbon emissions.

Stella McCartney-11

This leading designer has invested in cruelty-free fashions since the early 2000s.

Adidas X Parley-11

This duo teamed up to make athletic performance shoes from oceanic plastic. How cool is that?!

Socially Sustainable

Sseko Designs-12

I’d initially discovered this brand back in 2015 while attending a really awesome conference for business sustainability called Net Impact. The founder of this accessories brand introduced attendees in my group to her mission of empowering girls and women in Uganda through education and employment. The brand employs women and girls to help manufacture footwear, handbags, jewelry, etc. to ultimately earn money to sustain themselves.

Brother Vellies-11

Yep, I mentioned this one already. However, I failed to mention how they work to create jobs for various farmers, artisans, and manufacturers throughout the continent of Africa. Though they’ve had a lot of challenges managing such an extensive supply chain, the brand, headed by Aurora James, has been unwavered in its mission to provide economic opportunities to African citizens.

Veja-Sizes Vary

This ecologically friendly French sneaker brand prides itself on its efforts to ensure “fair trade” practices with their producers in Brazil. Plus, they offer organic cotton(vegan) and leather footwear.

Know any more sustainable brands that I forgot to mention that offer extended women sizes? Be sure to let me know, so I can share them with the Queen Feet community.

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