Fall Into the Season

Ladies, let’s welcome in this Fall season with open arms. Even though it still feels like summer here in MS, I won’t let the sweltering heat keep me away from my favorite Fall trends. My birthday is on the first day of Fall, so let’s just say, I’m only a little bias towards this season. Every autumn season, I consider which color(s) or pattern(s) to implement in my wardrobe. Last year, my color was Oxblood. The year before, mustard. I’m absolutely in love with these rich hues. I found myself wearing Oxblood a lot last year, and I’ll probably be seen a lot in it this season as well.

If you need help getting ready for this Fall season, consider these 4 tips to help you enjoy the Fall:

  1. Look to Nature

Our planet is AMAZING! God definitely did his thing. From the natural landscapes, we can find so much inspiration as to colors, patterns, and textures that’d be cool to wear. Take a moment to yourself to walk around your backyard or local park. Observe the trees’ leaves and flowers. I promise you’ll be amazed at the variety of colors that’ll fit your mood or personality.

  1. Magazine Editorials Are Great Inspiration

Get the Fall issue of your favorite fashion magazine. Seventeen and Vogue are my personal vices. I’ll go through the various articles and editorial pieces to find elements of haute couture or ready-to-wear that resonate with my style.

  1. Pinterest Is Limitless

I admit, I’m a pretty avid Pinner. Check out my “Moda|Otoño/ Invierno” board on Pinterest @SpecialtyShoeLover. On my board, you can find a variety of chic Fall ready-to-wear outfits to suit a variety of style types.

  1. Be Defiant.

Don’t want to settle for any particular color palette or texture to incorporate into your wardrobe? Cool. Rock whatever color or pattern that’ll motivate you to be the #GirlBoss you are. A little extra color or texture never hurt anybody.

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