DIY Shoe Lover Fixes For Everyday Wear

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So you say you’re a shoe lover, huh?! Well, how much do you do to actually maintain your shoes for long-term wear? The reality is that your shoes are an investment, especially if you’re spending  your hard earned coins on quality shoes. You should take the time to ensure that your investments pay off with simple care tips. Today, I wanted to share with you some quick DIY shoe hacks that will help you maintain your favorite accessory.

Waterproofing Your Shoes

While the video promotes another product, 3M Scotchgard also has a super affordable spray to help make your favorite suede shoes water resistant. I actually bought it this year before my Cape Town trip to add water resistance to my travel bag. I had no idea that this spray could also be used on suede materials. I think I got mine for around $5 at Wally World (A.K.A. Wal-Mart).

On-the-Go Repair Solutions

Scuffs & Scrapes

This one’s my personal favorite on-the-go tip. Many a times, I’ve grabbed my Black Sharpie marker to quickly hide new scuff marks and blemishes. A permanent marker and/ nail polish can go a long way for small knicks.

Let’s say your away from the house and forgot your patent leather cleaner,(Yes, this products does exist. Check out Woly ‘Patent Leather Cleaner’, if you don’t believe me.) you can use that good ole jar of petroleum jelly on your shoes. Try using a soft cloth to rub those scuffs away.

Refresh Dull Looking Shoes

If you have more time, try to actually get your hands on old school shoe polish. My Dad has sworn by his for years. And I must say, they do help to refresh my leather shoes. He and I have used this one for years.

Repair Broken or Loose Footwear Materials

Other slightly more complicated issues? Keep in mind that you can replace your worn/ severed heel tips with a heel caps. You might be able to find these in store but definitely online. Also, there are super glue like products(e.g. Shoe Goo) that will serve as an adhesive for shoe sealing or sole repair.

Recycled Bags For Maintenance

To prevent scuffing or dirtying your clothes while traveling, try actually using your dust bags that sometimes come with your new shoes. If you don’t have these, consider using those draw string bags from the last walk/ run or conference you attended for the same effect.

Your Secret Styling Weapon

Tape should be a staple in your hope, if not already. Why? I’ll give you an example below.

We all love our thigh-highs, right?! You can wear boots year-round these days. Don’t believe me? Check out my boot styling post for Spring-time wear. But sometimes, thigh-high boots don’t show us too much love in public, especially if you don’t have fuller calves. I’ve tried to wear them in the past, and they would just fall unflattering lower and lower down my leg until I’d given up wearing them.

Thankfully, as our style progresses, so do our DIY shoe fixes. Remember your handy dandy double-sided tape? Of course, double-sided tape is completely multi-purpose. Now, you can use double-sided tape to keep your favorite thigh-high boots secure for an everyday slay effect. For complete instructions, click the article link here.

While this is only one way to use double-sided tape for shoes, I’m sure you’ll find many more uses as time passes.

What are your DIY shoe care tips? I’d love to learn more about how you maintain your shoes. Let me know in the comments below.


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