CR Travel Diaries| Day 2 in Alajuela

Hi SSLs! I found some more entries from my CR Travel Diaries that I’d like to share. Enjoy!

Buenas tardes amigos y familia! Last night, I even helped my host mom make dinner. We made a tuna bake, fried plantains, and ,of course, rice and beans (a total staple here). It actually tastes better with a little avocado. So far, I like all the foods here.

On today, I went with Ellie as she guided us on another tour. This tour was of central Alajuela. Ellie bought us lunch, courtesy of ICLC, at the restaurant, La Deliciosa and it was delicioso. I had a almuerzo tipico which consisted of a fried fish fillet,rice, black beans, tortilla chips with salsa and  avocado. For dessert, we had maiz con leche(I’m not too into corn w/ milk). For my drink, I had water and a refresco(an all natural drink freshly made from fruit, I forgot what fruit mine was from).

Museo Juan Santamaria
La Cathedral de Alajuela

We visited El Museo Juan Santamaria ( a national history museum), La Cathedral de Alajuela, and El Parque De Alajuela. The city is small but so busy. I feel like it is similar to D.C. or New York City. Anyways, it was very different. They have so many stores and Sodas(lunch counters) on every street. It’s a bit confusing for me to keep track of where I am even with a map because there aren’t street names or many signs. I’m really trying to recognize my barrio(neighborhood), so I know when to get off the bus. It’s very confusing for me right now, but I’m slowly learning. The other ICLC students learned how to get around after only being here a week, so I need to learn fast because I only came with one other student. I’m just starting to find friends to travel around town with. Hopefully, I will find trustworthy people because a lot of the students are heavy drinkers.  My class was fine today. We played games, had a lecture, and practiced a lot of grammar. Overall, today has been pretty nice.


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