Closed Toe V. Open Toe: The Choice Is Yours

While we all have our favorite shoe style, we can’t deny there are certain functional and style benefits to both of these categories of shoes.

Closed Toe Shoes
Pros: This style is any absolute classic. Not only are they a super force against the elements and akward glares on the days that you’ve missed out on an over-due good pedicure, but they also add a certain, unmistakable style element: sophistication.  That’s right! Imagine your favorite pumps, you can command a whole boardroom to attention and conquer the pavement in this favorite closed toe style.

Cons: Unfortunately, the amazing look of these shoes can sometimes come at a cost. Have you ever worn pointy, closed toe pumps while working a 9-12 hour shift? Okay, then, you see my point. The pain is unbelievable. My poor little toes have suffered many a day for the sake of “the look” that I was trying to achieve.

Over time, that daily pain routine can do some work on those feet and toes. Blisters and callouses can leave lasting scares if left untreated. That’s not cute, trust me!

Open Toe Shoes

Pros: Those strappy shoes definitely can cause just about any head to turn. You can save your toes from damage because they can breathe without extra stress caused by tight materials.


1) Long toes can get a bad rap depending on the style.

2) You’ve got to keep your toenails on-point. That task along can stress me out personally. Most of the time, I just keep my nails trimmed and with no color.

3) You do have to be super careful of the elements and people in your walkway because you can experience accidental, unforeseen injuries.

So, which is better for your feet? Ultimately, you have to be the judge of your health and style.

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