5 Totally Camera-Ready Poses, Tips, & Tricks for Queen Feet

What’s up beautiful people?! We already know that this time of year is prompting some major social media postage. This means we have to ALWAYS be camera-ready. Other people might not consider this a problem. But as a Queen Feet lady, you know all too well how everyday situations can be our challenges.

So, whether you’re celebrating a holiday like Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day, or a friend’s birthday with a night out on the town, you already know that in the 21st century, the night isn’t validated without a TOTALLY Snap-able or Instagram-able form of documentation with an awesome group photo. Uh oh, that’s a PROBLEM! You’re freaking out because you’re wearing flats or you’re awkwardly positioned on the end and you’re terrified that your feet are going to take center stage again. Let’s face it, sometimes we still feel a bit insecure about our long feet. What are you going to do? Make up some lame excuse to get out of being photographed? Negative. You’re going to apply these 5 tips to get your feet photo-ready while standing.

Also, I didn’t realize before footwear blogging that I am definitely conditioned to enact certain poses when others photograph me. It’s actually really strange. I started to notice this habit as I reviewed old photos of myself over the years, and I noticed the same recurring foot poses in A LOT of my photos. While some women might be worried about their torsos or thighs, I instinctively try to mask the length of my foot when I’m facing the camera. So, if you’re still somewhat insecure like me, then I hope the following tips will be of help next time to be camera-ready.


  1. Use the ‘Pageant/ Pivot’ Pose

Do you remember your childhood pageant days? Better yet, do you remember TLC‘s ‘Toddlers & Tiaras’ show? Well, from my short-lived experience, I remember all the yelling like, “Make your pretty feet!”

For this pose, allow your weight to rest on your hind foot, that’s horizontal to your body while the forward foot will take the spotlight while pointed straight forward. The vertical line that’s created will elongate your legs and shift the attention away from your feet.

  1. Avoid allowing your feet to be photographed from the side.
Anissa Photography

If you can manage to get in the middle of the photo to have your feet photographed facing forward, you’ll maintain that vertical line mentioned in #1. If you can’t manage to get towards that center position, try turning your feet inwards at an angle rather than completely horizontal. The goal is to try to mask the complete length of the foot.

  1. Try the Doll Stand Pose,

So, this one is similar to #1’s pose, but its more effective for flats. You want to continue to shift your weight to that hind foot turned horizontally. Your opposite foot will again be pointed forward, but this time, point your toes directly on the floor with your heel facing the sky.

  1. the Hidden Vine Pose, 

I believe I’ve been photographed the most on social media with this one pose.

Are you still with me because we’re about take this modeling up a notch? Tuning your body at an angle, point the non-dominant foot forward. On this foot, you’ll balance your weight. Next, raise your hind leg(dominant) and curl it around the first, pointing this foot down towards the floor. Be sure not to fall!

  1. or the Ballerina.

I must say, this is my go-to pose whenever someone’s trying to snap a full-body photo of me quickly.

Facing forward, choose one leg to face completely straight while bringing your hind leg straight backwards, pointing your toes straight towards the ground like a ballerina on pointe. This one might just enhance your calves as well.

That’s all folks! Let me know below if you have any special tips/ tricks to mask the length of your feet on camera.

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