And Other Stories Brand Is My New Favorite Gem

So, I’ve been eyeing the And Other Stories brand, a newer one within the larger H&M Group family of brands, for a little while. And Other Stories is unique in that it features different product categories that are designed by geographically different design teams in Los Angeles, Paris, and Stockholm. The result is a beautifully curated collection of sophisticated pieces with higher quality materials. Unlike the usual, more popular H&M brand, the fit seems more accurate to standard measurements, and the feel of the materials led me to believe that most of its pieces are designed to be a closet staple. This brand is great for ladies looking to dress with the aim to be classically elegant, feminine, and comfortable. All in all, I think And Other Stories is a hidden gem among U.S. shoppers. By far, it is my new favorite brand.

I’m so excited to share with you a few pieces that I purchased recently, so for your convenience, I’ve already included some affiliate links to each of these pieces below. Let’s get to it!


White Organic Cotton Jumpsuit (designed by @caity)


Topstitched Belted Jumpsuit

White Boots


High Rise Denim

So, I’m wearing a size 28 in these jeans. They’re a well-fitting jean, so I’d recommend you order your exact waist size for a more tailored fit.

Boots-1.State “Kelte”-Leopard Calf Hair

Boots-1.State “Kelte”-Multi

Similar Silk Scarf

Mini Hoop Earrings


Mid-Rise Straight Denim

So, these pair of jeans arrived unexpectedly as I ordered the high rise denim in Look 2; however, I tried these on jeans in size 29 and was surprised that that fit pretty well even though I’d normally opt for size 28. I have decided how I’d wear these yet, so if you have any suggestions, please leave me your styling tips in the comments.

Every piece, so far, seems to look and feel of a higher quality than typical fast fashion brands. In comparison, the price point is a bit higher than what I have previously purchased from H&M; however, I do feel that I will be keeping each of these much longer than I ever had with H&M.

Have you shopped at And Other Stories? If so, what was your experience?

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