Amara Nicole Contemplates Superficial Relationships With Her Latest Single “In The Shallow”

“In The Shallow” revisits the full range of emotions that result from friendship breakups through punchy vocals, heartfelt lyrics, and a blend of hip-hop and pop instrumentation.

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Mississippi, USA (April 17, 2022) – Singer songwriter Amara Nicole delivers a triggering performance on her latest single, “In The Shallow,” out on all major streaming platforms on April 23rd. This single is her second release since her songwriting debut with “Stand,” which released earlier this year in January. “In The Shallow” captures the internal tension of loving people who don’t quite know how to show love to others. Amara Nicole delivers a soulful feel on this track, noting the mixed emotions that come with the painful realization that some friends may not have your best interest at heart. Through playful yet insightful vocals, listeners are invited to contemplate exactly what makes their own relationships authentic as Amara Nicole turns a personal wakeup call into punchy call to action for building genuine relationships. Her voice encapsulates music lovers with a commanding delivery that serves as a foreshadow of what’s to come for this breakout talent as she explores writing music that won’t easily fit within a particular genre. Amara Nicole fans can expect to hear the influence of notable artists like Lauryn Hill, India Arie, and Samm Henshaw on “In The Shallow.”

To bring this project to life, Amara Nicole teamed up with producer and fellow Jackson native, Terrance Evans. In arranging and recording the song, Amara was able to experiment with some fun stacked vocals that bring a new depth and energy to the record. This project came together with the help of Crown Studios (recording studio) and Shell Enns (Mixing & Mastering Engineer). For the cover art, Amara was able to work with Graphic Designer, Allyson Durr, to create bold, symbolic art that speaks to people’s attraction to all things trendy and ostentatious. This song is for anyone who has ever had to move on from a toxic relationship while wishing your former friend/ significant other well on their individual growth journey.


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