6 Unforgettable Cartoon Characters Who Were Definitely SSL Trailblazers

Ladies, if  you grew up as a girl with larger feet in the U.S. like myself, you probably remember those animated cartoon characters that also stood out for their Queen Feet too. They were SSL icons, to say the least. Today, let’s remember these totally relateable  animated characters:

1.) Lacienaga Boulevarde, The Proud Family

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Hail our Queen, Lacienaga Boulevarde! YO, if you don’t know who this DIVA is, you need to reevaluate your whole childhood. This Latina in the Proud Family definitely exuded lots of confidence and was completely outspoken. Unfortunately, she became overly self-conscious about her feet.

Luckily, the sadness didn’t last too long because homegirl still got her crown. Bow down!

2.) Amelia & Abigail Gabble-Duck Ladies, The Aristocats

Remember the Gabble sisters? This twin sister duo were super confident and wobbled their way into all of our hearts because they helped save and direct the stranded kittens to safety.

3.) Daisy Duck, Mickey Mouse

Daisy knew her worth completely. She dressed herself in fabulous clothes and shoes for her show stopping looks each and every episode. She became Oh, So Unforgettable in the classic Mickey Mouse series.

4.) Anastasia Tremaine, Cinderella III: A Twist in Time

Okay, this lady wasn’t the nicest character in Cinderella, but she was a total Girl Boss. Even though she didn’t win the Prince’s heart, this lady had enough coins to keep herself looking fabulous.

So Cinderella, you better watch out for those divorce papers, while you’re over there hugged up with your frenemy.

5.) Olive Oyle, Popeye

Ladies, don’t worry about finding a man. The one for you will love all of you. You see, Olive Oyl wasn’t ever without her hunny, Popeye.

6.) Mirage, Aladdin

She might have been the antagonist in the Aladdin animated series, but Boy, ain’t she fierce. Her nails, hair, and lashes were always on FLEEK!

Who were you favorite SSL cartoon characters? Am I missing a character that should definitely be on this list? Let me know in the comments below.

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