6 Signs of a Shoe Addict

Shoe Addict. We all know the type. These people are our mothers, sisters, and friends. And they are suffering from a condition that can only be treated by the most willing, patient hearts. If you think someone you know is a shoe addict, you will definitely have affirmation by comparing their habits to this list. If the person exhibits 1 or more of the following, they are suffering from a real problem. Shoe addicts are:

1). Obsessed with NEW

I must admit, anything new does have a “shiny” effect to it. Shoe addicts love this newness so much that they decide the best way to preserve it is to keep shoes in a shoe box, tucked away in the closet. They also love a great deal, so beware of their changing composure as they pursue fierce competition to beat the next man, woman, or child in line for whichever pair has currently caught her attention.

2). Too cautious when wearing shoes

With new shoes, this person seems to walk with a little more pep and much more carefully than usual. They hate to walk too close alongside a curb or another person because they’re actually terrified of pavement scuffs or if anyone steps on their shoes. If any random person (children included) accidentally scuffs their shoes, all HELL will break loose.

3). Fabulously Broke

Do you know that friend who always declines to go out on the next adventure because they don’t have any money? It seems they’re forever broke one moment, but they stay “stuntin” in the latest shoe fashions. Anyone would recognize this person as “Best Dressed”. Each and every season, this friend’s impeccable shoe game is on point.

4). Obsessed with online promotions

Now, you know you know her. She’s always scanning her phone or checking her email notifications for the next store coupon or size restock.

5). Constantly at odds with their loved ones

Yeah, these people argue a lot about their shopping addiction with their families more so than they spend quality family time. In the car and at the dinner table, the conversation always is towards the problem at bay.

6). In total denial

So, a shoe addict has to be super mature or at rock bottom to admit they have a real problem. Despite their debt and strained relationships, they think they are in control of their condition. They believe that shoes are unbelievably necessary, and they are within reason. However, shoes shouldn’t be the center focus of anyone’s life, no matter how many beautiful, new styles that we seem to need.

Honestly, after reviewing these, I think I’d consider myself a bit of an addict. But hey, I think I’m allowed a little more privilege to wallow in this addiction based on my growing up with too few options. SSLs, how do you manage your shoe addiction? Know a shoe addict in your circle? Tag them below or share this post with.

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