3 Shopping Tips to Scoring Those Shoes

  1. Plan Ahead

If you forget everything else, please don’t forget that timing matters. As you shop for larger sizes, you have to be forward-thinking as to purchase outside of the traditional fashion/ climate seasons. For instance, I’ll visit my local DSW or Burlington during the Summer if I’m in search of my new favorite booties for the Fall. Also, keep in mind the official holiday schedule for your retailer’s country. Retailers often offer saving specials during the holidays.

  1. Learn Retailer’s Promotional Offers

After selecting your favorite retailers, be sure to ask about all of their customer loyalty programs or promotions. I’d could be also helpful to sign up for email notifications to receive regular coupons.

  1. Budget

Okay, we all know that larger shoes use more materials, so it’s likely to assume that you could pay more on average for your shoe collection. So, set your seasonal/ yearly budget for new shoes and stick with it. I love shoes too, but I love money in my pocket more, so I do my best to save.

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