SSL OOTD| Turtleneck Sweaters Confuse Me

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While they are super cozy for these now frightful winter day, I don’t understand why I have such a hard time wearing turtle necks. Catalogue models make them look so easy to style. Literally, every time I attempt to style the neck I take several minutes folding and refolding the scarf neck. I really do feel like these need to come with a pictorial diagram. It’s really sad too because I have practiced folding down the neck a day before I actually plan to wear it without much luck the next morning. Does anyone else have trouble styling their turtleneck sweaters?

After much practice and time in front of the mirror, I finally was satisfied enough to go out in this cream turtleneck sweater. I think at a certain point I just gave up, so the sweater kind of rearranged itself out of pity. I wanted to give a little edge to this cream color with these smoky grey denim jeans that I got from Forever 21 and black velvet ankle boots.

Shoe Deets: I spotted these Marc Fisher ‘Lizzy’ black velvet ankle booties at my more recent DSW visit. When I saw ’em, I just knew that I had to have them since I saw them in my size, 11. I admit I totally gave in to them partially because I’m in love with the recent velvet trend. I admit that they are bit wide for me near the ankle and toe box, so I bought some thicker ankle boot socks.

Wanna cop these boots? They run up to size 12. Find them here.

Photographer: @queenprincesskym

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