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All in all, most shoe departments don’t get ladies like us. So, do your best to waste as little time possible sifting through normal department stores trying to find plus size shoes (sizes over U.S. 10). If you do shop online, don’t forget to read the sizing guides, return policies, and reviews carefully before purchasing shoes online. Also, Isy B. Shoes has an awesome shoe directory with and extensive detailed search component to help you find shoes for every size and occasion.

Check out the list below of my favorite affordable online and traditional retailers that I’ve found to have better selections of extended shoe sizes for women:

  1. Alonai

While this FL retailer has a lot of shoe in sizes 10-14 on their site, most of the shoes(if not all) are by the Spanish brand Andres Machado.

  1. ALDO

Size 10-11 beauties, we have another winner in Aldo. The store has a great variety of styles that would make any specialty shoe lover swoon!

  1. ASOS

Size 12? I’ve got you too! And get this, they have half sizes too. YAAAS! With hundreds of styles in our sizes, you are sure to find your next favorite pair of shoes.

  1. Burlington

This department store has not been my favorite in a LONG time. However, I’ve found some really cute shoes in the former Burlington Coat Factory store. There was a down side though. None of the super cute heels, sneakers, and boots from this store were comfortable. I even scored a Coach brand shoe, but it was killing my feet because they were so tight. In conclusion, if you care more about the “look” of the shoe rather than the actual fit, you might find a pair at this store occasionally. While I’ve never seen a size greater than an 11 in store, I believe their website offers women’s shoes up until size 13.

  1. Cook & Love

If you’re simply looking for comfort shoes, I’d recommend Cook & Love. I’ve gotten probably the most comfortable, high-quality shoes from this store since elementary school. They do have some more attractive shoes but their market is really an older crowd. I do like their Madeline, Nicole, Munro, and J. Renee brands. Their sizes run up to 13.

  1. Dillard’s

Now, I’m assuming that Dillard’s website has mostly the larger sizes because whenever I’ve gone in the store, they didn’t have over a size 10. I have checked out their website though, and I must admit I do like the shoe selection that they offer for fashionable footwear. It’s also a bonus that they do offer Narrow shoes too. Score!

  1. DSW

First and foremost, DSW is bae. Honestly, I think it’s only because it is closest in proximity for me. Now, I will say when I don’t follow my own shopping advice, I don’t always find the shoes I need while in its season. But when I’m on it, I definitely score. I’ve found several brands in my size like: Adidas, Nike, Chinese Laundry, Nine West, Crown Ivy, Steve Madden, Kelly & Katie, Jessica Simpson, etc. Plus, they have size options up to 15. I’m not much of an online shoe shopper, so I love to visit their store to try on shoes. To top it off, DSW has the best prices, AWESOME coupons through their loyalty program, and a greater selection on their website. They’ve even allowed me to use more than one coupon at a time when buying in-store. #Savings

  1. Full Beauty

I absolutely love their selection of cute boots. For my full-figured women, they also have plus size clothing as well. They have a few flats that I’d consider chic. Overall, this retailer stands out for their size selection (ALL the Way to up to size 12-AMAZING!)

  1. Lonia

OMG! You can’t tell through your screen, but when I discovered this sight, I was hysterical. This contemporary brand completely caters to ladies sizes 10-15. Plus, they have a ‘Made to Order’ option to bring all of your dream shoes into your reality. They have sandals, boots, pumps, and more.

  1. Lord+Taylor

Okay, I’m loving all the cool styles that this iconic retailer has up to size 11.5. They even have Narrow sizes too.

  1. Nine West

For sizes 10-12, you can find some great shoe finds on Nine West’s site. I think these shoes would best fit Medium width feet. However, I have found a pair of sling-back that were adjustable to have a more Narrow fit in the past.

  1. Nordstrom

I literally got my first pair of closed toe black stiletto pumps in my width from Nordstrom this year. It’s amazing that I’ve gone so long without ever knowing how pumps were supposed to feel. You can find a great variety of trendy fashion and comfort shoes on their site. The sales can be pretty BOMB too!

  1. Payless

Payless is an oldie but goodie when it comes to their size selection (up to 13). Now, this might be a very desirable store for medium to wider widths; however, if you have a narrow foot, don’t hold your breath.

  1. Schutz

This retailer has trendy, chic shoes up to size 11 with prices and definitely sales items that’ll totally fit within your budget.

  1. Torrid

Psst, if you didn’t know, I had a quick seasonal job at Torrid when I was in undergraduate school. While working there, I discovered their cool shoe selection. When it comes to plus sized fashion, Torrid’s got it all! This retailer has awesome clothes with the shoes to match. Their shoe sizes run up to 13 and are always in-sync with the latest footwear trends. This site is perfect for my wider width ladies.

  1. Zappos

Now, I must warn you that while Zappos has a pretty impressive selection of shoes available in specialty sizes. You do have to really search for fashionable specialty sized shoes on the site if you have more narrow feet. In the past, I’ve bought a good pair of ballet flats back in 2007-2008. Those shoes are just now becoming “worn”. Overall, Zappos has something for just about every woman.

Remember, we’re building a community with this site. If you know of affordable shoe stores that should be on this list, shoot me an email detailing the name of the store, its location/ web address, and your experience shopping with them. I want all of us to have access to a better shoe selection. Together, we can do this!


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