Shopping Tips: How to Make Queen Feet Appear Smaller

If you visited this post today and thought that I had some magical solution or exercise to shrink your feet, you might as well leave now. I do not advocate for a lot the harsh methods that women take to alter their shoe size. Face it, you’ve got to accept your shoe size. I’ve written a post on it that I think can help. Check it out here.
Today, I want to point out things that you can do make your shoes appear visibly smaller, not actually alter them to be small.

1). Ladies Love Cool Heels (LLCH, get it?!).

Remember the Hilton Hotel heiress and world acclaimed party girl, Paris Hilton? Well, Paris has a shoe size of US 11. If you’re reading Paris, I just want to say, “Hi!” Anyways, she has been quite open about why she wears heels almost 24/7. In short, she knows that her feet don’t look as long in heels versus flats. Ladies, she’s on to something. I don’t advocate for anyone to wear heels all the time, but a shoe with a short heel, platform, or high arch can sometimes make your feel appear smaller because the length of the foot is adjusted to sit higher along the arch. So, you’ll learn that I absolutely live for a good platform heel because its less strenuous to wear for long periods and people can’t really tell that my feel are so long in them.

2). Confidence is key.

When you constantly hide or complain about your shoe size, you bring unnecessary negative attention to yourself. Get yourself together! Exude confidence in your walk. You’re a Boss Lady/ #GirlBoss, so act like it. People notice the things that we knowingly or unknowingly call attention to rather than making random observations about us. So, forget about your “flaws” and WERK your best features.

3). Know how to shop for your feet.

It’s no secret that certain shoes can make your feet look extra wide and bulky. Avoid shoes that have wide shaped toe boxes or try to find shoes with wider straps. Strappy shoes bring more attention to the design than to the length of your foot.

Pointy shoes are a major No-No. In comparison to a curved toe, your feet look substantially longer. In athletic shoes, I’ve seen quite a few “trendy” sneakers with extra wide widths as part of the design. Look for slimmer shaped shoes without all the embellishments in the widest portion of your foot.

4).  Master your budget.

Similarly, you need to plan ahead to purchase all your shoes for the year, especially for more narrow or nontraditional widths. Budgeting is completely necessary when purchasing larger sizes because they’re typically more expensive because of the extra material going into the shoes’ construction. Slimmer widths are that much more expensive because there are less brands that offer them. So, if you want to look fabulous in shoes that actually fit your feet, take the time to determine your shoe expenses and available discounting options such as promotions or sales. Also, you can sign up for email notifications to get alerts about size, availability, and saving options.

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