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Need more options to consider when shopping Queen Feet shoes? Well, Shoe Show, Inc. (Shoe Show Encore, Shoe Dept., Shoe Show Mega, etc.) may just need to be on your radar, especially if you’re in the South. While the store doesn’t always have the latest styles, every contemporary brand, or highest material quality to choose, you’d be surprised to find a few styles that will still catch your eye.

I admit, it’s been a couple of years since I’ve actually visited one of Shoe Show’s stores, but I stopped by recently after really craving a new style that was not black. I actually found some styles that I thought had real styling potential. What surprised me were how narrow some of the shoes were, which was a win for me. I actually managed to snag two pairs for under $70 bucks.


It’s pretty simple. Shoe Show has a decent array of colorful, contemporary options for women in extended sizes up to 14, I believe. The shoes they offer allow you to have more flexibility when styling your looks for everyday occasions. If you’re looking for inexpensive shoes in an array colors while not really being too big on comfort as a requirement, this store is for you. In addition to Show Show’s brands, you can also find a few name brand shoes there like Nike, Adidas, Puma, etc.


No, I’m not a fan of the infamous fast fashion business model of the brands they carry or their materials, but my shoe game has been in a total disarray since finding shoes in my specific size or ones that I can manipulate to fit better is getting tougher. I personally couldn’t pass on the opportunity to stop wearing black shoes for a little while. While the shoes I found had a manageable fit (one that I could manipulate to be even more narrow), they’re not very comfortable to walk in since they are very stiff and do not have a  flexible midsole, crucial for shoes to adapt to your specific gait. So, if you are super green conscious shopper or have strict podiatric fit needs toward comfort, the shoes that I picked below would not be the shoes for you. 

SS Pick #1 

So, these Burgundy faux suede block heels are an edgy version on the classic Mary Jane style. I love how these can be dressed up or down with jeans, trouser, dresses, or skirts. Their are many styling opportunities for these shoes between the Fall or Spring season.


SS Pick #2

Now, these are a simple, basic sandal heel. The metallic color makes them a formal event go-to as Prom and Spring wedding seasons are quickly approaching, especially since the color pairs well with a variety of colors.

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Burgundy Block Heels//Shoe Show 

Silver Metallic Block Sandals//Shoe Show


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