Have It Your Way: Custom Shoes That Aren’t Sneakers

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Believe it or not, the footwear industry is evolving. One of the most exciting trends to-date is customized footwear brands. While customized sneaker options have previously existed for a while now; today, there are new shoe stores that offer different shoe styles that fit all of your custom shoe needs. Custom shoes are now only a couple virtual clicks away with these. The following are 3 online retailers that you need to get familiar with ASAP:

1. Lonia
Sixes 10-15? Great, Lonia’s got you covered! So, what I love about this site is not only do they have great pre-designed styles to purchase, but they do offer their ‘Made to Order’ option as well. While this does mean your shoes will cost a bit more, you are more guaranteed a better fit as they design the shoe around your actual footprint.

2. Margaux NY
This one’s another custom shop; however, they offer less styles and sizes. This would be great for ladies who wear up to size 11. They specialize in a variety of women’s ballet flats. The best part is that they do offer Narrow-Wide widths.

3. Shoes of Prey
Now, this store is only for the boldest shoe lovers. Are you ready? You can customize your shoes online for sizes up to 15(signature styles only) and have them sent directly to in you a couple of days. I love the many customizable shoe styles available (flat heels to stilettos) with a variety of fabric choices to choose from. For those of you who aren’t too eager to customize your own shoes, they do have pre-designed shoes ready for purchase too. The only problem that I’ve found with this site other than the time it takes for your shoes to arrive is their limited Narrow width options. However, a bonus feature is that you can send them your foot’s design to aid their craftsmen in creating the best fitting shoe.

4. Soley Original

This a fairly new company as well. However, they do offer the following services: standard sizing and/ an individual fitting service alternative.

If you’ve ever designed your own pair with these or used their custom shoes option, let me know how your experience was. I’d love to  hear from you.

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