And Just Like That…I’m A Songwriter

For so many of us during the past two years of this COVID-19 pandemic, we have taken this time of quarantine and isolation to reinvent ourselves, explore new talents, shift career paths, and reflect on our priorities. For me, 2020 until now has been about trusting God and overcoming my anxiety, fear of rejection, and growing more comfortable with who I am. By the end December of 2020, I was overwhelmed with coping with this “new normal” while trying to survive my first semester of law school. Law school, in itself, is emotionally and mentally draining. Each day seemed like a never-ending routine of attending lectures, studying, eating, and sleeping. Fortunately, I learned that I needed to take some time for self-care–to step out from behind my overpriced casebooks and into the arts. One day, as I prepped for yet another class, I reflected on the lives loss during the months prior and the economic distress experienced by so many. The longer I sat, the lyrics to the first song in a long time came to me.

“In your quiet moments, you will shoulder the voices of doubt and confusion and stand on the rock of salvation another day, another rain, another heartache.”

The melody and lyrics were were simple yet impactful, but somehow, it seemed more important than the other little songs I had randomly crafted before. I went home for Winter break, nervous but, nevertheless, eager to share this tune with my family. The reception that I received in singing this song near Christmas confirmed a feeling that had begun grow inside of me since God gave me the song–I knew this song had to be shared with the world. After so many years, of being the hypewoman for others, I felt that I had something to say about so many issues. I began to lean into this sudden itch for creativity, and numerous song ideas, melodies, and lyrics began to flow. I couldn’t record voice memos fast enough. 

Prior to this realization, I had often disregarded my natural knack for words. I actually wrote my first poem and gospel song in elementary school. I remember how excited I was to share my works with my home church. I knew that I’ve been able to talk myself into opportunities that others could not in the past. But was that a talent? Sometime between elementary school and high school, I had to grow up. Part of the process was the constant pressure to find a stable, practical career. Although I wanted to pursue music in college, I was ultimately discouraged from doing so because those around me constantly reminded me of the super talented non-working creatives in my hometown. 

Fortunately for me, I have been given yet another opportunity to tap into all of my passions and pursue them head on. Last year, I reached out to friends and friends of friends to help me bring these little tunes to life over this past summer. I’m so grateful for my Jackson community of Creatives that have encouraged me along this journey. And, I must say, the the process, while trying at times, has been so invigorating. It makes sense though. I was reminded that we are fashioned in the image of the ultimate Creator, so it isn’t surprising that we are creators in of ourselves. We have an innate need to bring something from nothing. While I have a some finishing touches to complete my initial songs for my songwriting debut, I can’t wait to soon share with you all what’ve I’ve been working on. If you haven’t already, join my music email list for all future updates: 

I am sure that I am not the only person who has been exploring themselves or their creativity lately. Tell me. What have you discovered about yourself during this pandemic season? If you have yet to rediscover your inner sense of creativity, I encourage you tap into your childhood self–the kid that took God at his word. Yes, you can do the very thing you’ve been avoiding because He equips us to do so! What is something you’ve always imagined yourself doing? Whatever that thing is, you owe it to yourself to give it a try. After all, we are all Creatives!

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