Hey y’all!

Thanks so much for dropping by. I’m Amara Nicole, a modern Mississippi Belle with a heart for all things creative. Oh yeah, I also have a thing about beautiful shoes.

You wanna know something kind of crazy? I haven’t always been so comfortable with my physical features. I’m seriously only 5”5’ with size 11 feet. I’m talking Super Slim (AAAA) Queen Feet. Imagine me growing up as totally insecure with these super flat Queen Feet in grandma shoes with my really dark skin and kinky-curly hair. Needless to say, these weren’t in line with the Euro-centric beauty standards that I knew to be beautiful. Fortunately for me, I began to explore my physical features, reconditioning my mind on my journey to self-love.

My journey led to my mission of female empowerment, especially for ladies with features like myself. So, during the Fall of 2017, I initially launched this platform to provide support through curated resources for ladies within the Queen Feet community of extended footwear sizes.

Today, my tiny corner of the Internet is the space where I invite you all into my Southern Queendom, where I highlight my adventures at home and abroad on my journey to self-liberation.

So, stick around. I can’t wait to share more with ya’!


Amara Nicole